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Optimization of draw frame setting based on cotton single fibre length dataBasu, Arindam; Ramakrishnan, NIJFTR Vol.25(4) [December 2000]309-311
Some innovations in UV protective clothingBajaj, P; Kothari, V K; Ghosh, S BIJFTR Vol.25(4) [December 2000]315-329
Prediction of air permeability of needle-punched nonwoven fabrics using artificial neural network and empirical modelsDebnath, S; Madhusoothanan, M; Srinivasamoorthy, V RIJFTR Vol.25(4) [December 2000]251-255
A comparative study on quality of acrysorb and cotton terrysock fabrics produced from ring, rotor and dref-3 yarnsSalhotra, K R; Banerjee, P K; Gowda, R V MIJFTR Vol.25(4) [December 2000]246-250
Chemical resistance and tensile properties of epoxy/polymethyl methacrylate blend coated bamboo fibresRajulu, A Varada; Rao, G Babu; Reddy, R LakshminarayanaIJFTR Vol.25(4) [December 2000]295-297
Colour matching on wool using natural and synthetic dyesShukla, S R; Patil, Swati MIJFTR Vol.25(4) [December 2000]303-308
Effect of air-jet texturing process variables on physical bulk obtained by image analysis methodMukhopadhyay, A; Kaushik, R C D; Kothari, V KIJFTR Vol.25(4) [December 2000]264-270
Retained strength of air-spliced yarn —Rupture process and effect of test lengthSengupta, SIJFTR Vol.25(4) [December 2000]277-283
Yarn quality improvement with an air-jet attachment in cone windingChellamani, K P; Chattopadhyay, D; Kumarasamy, KIJFTR Vol.25(4) [December 2000]289-294
Adapting the principle of neutral sulphite cooking for modification of textile quality of jute fibreAli, Mohammed; Islam, M Nurul; Mian, A Jabber; Chowdhury, A M SarwaruddinIJFTR Vol.25(4) [December 2000]298-302