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Mechanical properties of glass composites based on knitted preforms with inlaysRao, R M V G K; Nahar, G Anand; Alagirusamy, RIJFTR Vol.25(2) [June 2000]115-120
Dyeing of ecru denim with onion extract using natural mordant combinationsDeo, H T; Paul, RoshanIJFTR Vol.25(2) [June 2000]152-157
Sublimation transfer printing of linen and polyester/linen fabricsEl-Kashouti, M A; El-Halwagy, A A; El-Molla, M MIJFTR Vol.25(2) [June 2000]147-151
Effluent treatment in textile processing: Part II—Bleaching of cotton yarnDeo, H T; Chinta, S KIJFTR Vol.25(2) [June 2000]143-146
Inverse relaxation in polyester-viscose MJS yarnsTyagi, G K; Salhotra, K RIJFTR Vol.25(2) [June 2000]158-160
Effect of alkali treatment on the mechanical properties of flax-viscose OE rotor-spun yarnsTyagi, G K; Kaushik, R C D; Dhamija, S; Chattopadhyay, D P; Salhotra, K RIJFTR Vol.25(2) [June 2000]87-91
Effect of winder type and winding parameters on package density and physical bulk of air-jet textured yarnsKothari, V K; Mukhopadhyay, A; Kaushik, R C DIJFTR Vol.25(2) [June 2000]83-86
A study on wrap-spun jute yarn with cellulosic yarn as wrapping elementRoy, A N; Basu, G; Majumder, AIJFTR Vol.25(2) [June 2000]92-96
Modified tappet shedding mechanism for improved performance of jute loom: Part I—Design, operation and heald movement analysis of the mechanismNeogi, S K; Bandyopadhyay, A K; Banerjee, N CIJFTR Vol.25(2) [June 2000]108-114
Improvement in jute fabric handle through biofinishingChattopadhyay, D P; Sharma, J K; Chavan, R BIJFTR Vol.25(2) [June 2000]121-129