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In vitro adventitious shoot formation from leaf cultures of Clerodendnan inerme (L) Gaertn.Baburaj, S; Ravichandran, P; Selvapandian, MIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1274-1276
Influence of growth regulators and explant type on in vitro shoot propagation and rooting of red sandal wood (Pterocarpus santalinus L.)Arockiasamy, S; Ignacimuthu, S; Melchias, GIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1270-1273
Response of Java citronella (Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt) to toxic heavy metal cadmiumBoruah, Hari Prasanna Deka; Handique, Arun Kumar; Borah, Gobin ChandraIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1267-1269
Racial divergence in abdominal bristles among parental races and newly evolved cytoraces of nasuta-albomicans complex of DrosophilaHarini, B P; Ramachandra, N BIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1263-1266
Generation and characterization of monoclonal antibodies to adenovirusTuteja, U; Batra, H VIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1259-1262
Effect of titanium exposure on embryonic development during pre-implantation period in ratsMalik, Bushra; Prakash, A O; Rai, MeenuIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1255-1258
Carbendazin generates symplasts in rat spermatogenic clonesAkbarsha, M A; Kadalmani, B; Girija, R; Faridha, AIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1251-1254
Influence of metham sodium on suppression of collar rot disease of peanut, in vitro antibiosis, siderophore production and root colonization by a fluorescent pseudomonad strain FPO4.Dileep, C; Kumar, B S DileepIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1245-1250
Somatic embryogenesis in Vigna radiata (L.) WilczekGirija, S; Ganapathi, A; Ananthakrishnan, GIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1241-1244
Successful propagation in vitro of apple rootstock MM106 and influence of phloroglucinolSharma, Mamta; Modgil, Manju; Sharma, D RIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1236-1240
In vitro stimulation of chick brain lipid peroxidation by aluminium, and effects of tiron, EDTA and some antioxidantsSwain, C; Chainy, G B NIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1231-1235
Effect of cortisol on testis of freshwater fish Notopterus notopterus (Pallas)Shankar, D S; Kulkarni, R SIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1227-1230
Protein tyrosine kinase activity in human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparumSharma, ArunIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1222-1226
Studies on safety aspects of contraceptive Magainin-A in rabbitsReddy, K. Venkata Rami; Aranha, ClaraIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1217-1221
Suppression of Ehrlich ascites tumor growth by immunization with ganglioside GT1b of its origin, its IgM antibody or anti-idiotype of the anti-GT1b IgMSaha, S; Mondal, SIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1207-1216
A new continuous cell line from larval hemocytes of Spodoptera litura (F.)Pant, U; Athavale, S S; Vipat, V CIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1201-1206
Cell culture of biopsied endometriomas after danazol/hormonal therapy: A study of growth features and fertility effectsStevenson, A.P.G.; Xing, Xie; Kunstmann, P.IJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1192-1200
Human granulosa cells in vitro: Characteristics of growth, morphology and influence of some cytokines on steroidogenesis*Stevenson, A F GIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1183-1191
Semecarpus anacardium Linn. nuts—A boon in alternative medicinePremalatha, BIJEB Vol.38(12) [December 2000]1177-1182
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19