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Characterization of anionic amino acid transport systems in mouse mammary glandKansal, Vinod K; Sharma, Rekha; Rehan, GayatriIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1097-1103
Enhancing the efficacy and persistency of Spodoptera litura (Fab.) nuclear polyhedrosis virus using UV irradiation protectantsArivudainambi, S; Selvanarayanan, V; Vikash, AIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1175-1176
Role of ATP sensitive potassium channel on 7-hydroxy flavone induced antinociception and possible association with changes in glycaemic statusVenkataramanan, P E; Parvathavarthini, S.; Viswanathan, S; Ramaswamy, SIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1172-1174
Biodiversity of Anabaena azollae isolates from different Azolla culturesSubhashini, R; Kumar, K; Kannaiyan, SIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1168-1171
Rapid micropropagation of Geodorum densiflorum (Lam) Schltr. in liquid culture Kanjilal, Biswajit; Datta, Kalyan BIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1164-1167
Axenic germination of Scutellospora erythropa and Scutellospora nigra in in vitro conditionsRaman, N; Sambandan, KIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1159-1163
Isolation and characterization of Salmonella Gallinarum cytotoxic factorsSingh, B R; Sharma, V DIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1152-1158
Colonization of arbuscular-mycorrhizal fungi on Ri T-DNA transformed roots in synthetic medium*Abdul-Khaliq; Bagyaraj, D JIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1147-1151
L-Asparaginase activity in Aeromonas sp. isolated from freshwater musselPattnaik, Sophia; Kabi, Rashmi; Ram, K Janaki; Bhanot, K KIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1143-1146
Paracetamol and conventional antimalarial drugs induced hepatotoxicity and its protection by methionine in ratsDass, Ervilla E; Shah, K KIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1138-1142
Production of cephalosporin C by immobilized cells of Cephalosporium acremoniumEllaiah, P; Chand, G Murali; Srinivasulu, B; Pardhasaradhi, S VIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1134-1137
In vitro schizontocidal activity of standard antimalarial drugs on chloroquine-sensitive and chloroquine-resistant isolates of Plasmodium falciparumSharma, Poonam; Pillai, C R; Sharma, Jayashri DeviIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1129-1133
Effect of centrally administered nitric oxide modulators in Brewer's yeast-induced nociception in ratsSarma, J; Tandan, S K; Hajare, S W; Kumar, D; Raviprakash, VIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1124-1128
Alterations in collagen metabolism in heart and kidney on dexamethasone administration in ratsRajashree, S; Puvanakrishnan, RIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1117-1123
Influence of photoperiods on glycemic and adrenal catecholmninergic responses to melatonin administrations in adult male roseringed parakeets, Psittacula krameri NeumannMaitra, S K; Dey, M; Dey, R; Bhattacharya, S; Sengupta, AIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1111-1116
SDS-PAGE analysis of caput epididymis proteins in rats receiving a zinc deficient dietAgrawal, Ranjana; Bedwal, R SIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1104-1110
Immunostimulatory effect of azadirachtin in Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters)Logambal, S M; Michael, R DinakaranIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1092-1096
Polyamines and plant alkaloidsGhosh, BharatiIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1086-1091
Hypericum perforatum: Nature's mood stabilizerKumar, Vikas; Singh, P N; Muruganandam, A V; Bhattacharya, S KIJEB Vol.38(11) [November 2000]1077-1085
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19