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Study on cephalopod's ink for anti-retroviral activityRajaganapathi, J; Thyagarajan, S P; Edward, J K PattersonIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]519-520
Antifungal activity of bicyclic heterocyclic-1,2-diazoleSingh, Y.; Chaurasia, Leena; Nayal, S.S.IJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]516-518
Detection of tomato leaf curl geminivirus in its vector Bemisia tabaciKhan, J AIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]512-515
Effect of eugenol and tincture of crataegus (TCR) on in vitro oxidation of LDL + VLDL isolated from plasma of non-insulin dependent diabetic patientsRajalakshmi, K; Gurumurthi, Prema; Devaraj, S NiranjaliIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]509-511
Plant regeneration from leaf explants of mulberry : Influence of sugar, genotype and 6-benzyladenineVijayan, K; Chakraborti, S P; Roy, B NIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]504-508
In vitro multiplication of Peganum harmala - An important medicinal plantSaini, Raman; Jaiwal, Pawan K.IJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]499-503
Agrobacterium mediated transformation of Vigna sesquipedalis Koern (Asparagus bean)Ignacimuthu, SIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]493-498
Modulation of antigenicity of mycelial antigens during developmental cycle of Karnal Bunt (Tilletia indica) of wheatRai, Geeta; Kumar, Anil; Singh, A; Garg, G KIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]488-492
Comparison of protein profiles and enzymes in non-mycorrhizal and mycorrhizal roots of Pennisetum pedicellatumRamesh, C; Chellappan, P; Mahadevan, AIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]483-487
In vivo qualitative changes of 31P NMR in stressed maize roots vis-a-vis carbon substrate determining the degree of stressNagarajan, Shantha; Dijkema, Cor; Van As, HenkIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]477-482
Resistance of legume seeds to the bruchid, Callosobruchus maculatus: Metabolites relationshipVenugopal, K J; Janarthanan, S; Ignacimuthu, SIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]471-476
Chromosome banding studies in an Indian mullet: Evidence of structural rearrangements from NOR locationsChakrabarti, J; Khuda-Bukhsh, A RIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]467-470
Stereo logical study of rat spleen following acute ethanol treatmentBudec, Mirela; Milicevic, Zivana; Koko, VesnaIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]462-466
Effect of intraamniotic vitamin A on palatal closure of fetal ratsMohanty, Chhandamayee; Singh, GajendraIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]457-461
Acute hepatotoxicity of DDT: Effect on glucocorticoid receptors and serum transcortinRhouma, Khemais Ben; Tebourbi, Olfa; Sakly, MohsenIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]452-456
Role of KATP channels in reduced antinociceptive effect of morphine in streptozotocin-induced diabetic miceSood, Vivek; Sharma, Ajay; Singh, ManjeetIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]447-451
Isoprenoid pathway and free radical generation and damage in neuropsychiatric disordersRavikumar, A; Arun, P; Devi, K V Deepa; Augustine, J; Kurup, P AIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]438-446
Radiosensitization of a mouse melanoma by withaferin A: In vivo studiesDevi, P Uma; Kamath, Ravindra; Rao, B S SatishIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]432-437
Localization of estrogen and progesterone receptors in the endometrium of common marmosets Callithrix jacchusKholkute, S.D.; Nandedkar, T D; Puri, C PIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]425-431
Integrins and disintegrins : The candidate molecular players in sperm-egg interactionShrimali, Rajeev K; Reddy, K V RIJEB Vol.38(05) [May 2000]415-424
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21