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Regulation of siderophore production by iron Fe(III) in certain fungi and fluorescent pseudomonadsDave, B P; Dube, H CIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]297-299
Protease from Sporosarcina sp. RRLJ 1Boruah, Hari Prasanna Deka; Bezbaruah, BalamoniIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]293-296
Effect of solvent residues of Vitex negundo Linn. and Cassia fistula Linn. on pulse beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus Fab. and its larval parasitoid, Dinarmus vagabundus (Timberlake)Raja, N; Albert, S; Ignacimuthu, SIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]290-292
Effect of feed on larvae of Macrobrachium malcolmsonii (H. Milne Edwards) reared in synthetic brackishwaterSoundarapandian, P; Kannupandi, TIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]287-289
Effect of norepinephrine on growth of Salmonella and its enterotoxin productionRahman, H; Reissbrodt, R; Tschape, HIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]285-286
Detection of Theileria annulata carrier cattle by PCRRoy, K C; Ray, D; Bansal, G C; Singh, R KIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]283-284
Ascorbate induced cross-linking of oxyhemoglobin subunitsSur, Arghya; Pal, Keya; Sen, Suvajit; Chakrabarti, SasankaIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]280-282
Hypoglycemic activity of bio-tea in miceChandrakala, Shenoy K.IJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]278-279
In vitro multiplication of Nothapodites foetida (Wight.) Sleumer through seedling explant culturesSatheeshkumar, K; Seeni, SIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]273-277
Micropropagation of sweet orange, Citrus sinensis Osbeck. for the development of nucellar seedlingsDas, A; Paul, A K; Chaudhuri, SIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]269-272
Differential C-heterochromatin distribution in two species of freshwater fish, Anabas testudineus (Bloch.) and Puntius sarana (Hamilton.)Khuda-Bukhsh, A R; Chakrabarti, CIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]265-268
Vitamin A mediated limb deformities in the common Indian toad, Bufo melanostictus (Schneider)Das, Pragnya; Mohanty-Hejmadi, PriyambadaIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]258-264
Antianaemic properties of Ayurvedic drugs, raktavardhak, punarnavasav and navayas louh in albino rats during phenylhydrazine induced haemolytic anaemiaPatil, Subhash; Kanase, Aruna; Kulkarni, P HIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]253-257
Effect of acute administration of isoproterenol on submandibular salivary gland of female ratRaval, A P; Patel, H R; Ambadkar, P MIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]249-252
Differential modulation of nociceptive responses to mu and kappa opioid receptor directed drugs by blood glucose in experimentally induced diabetes ratsTandon, Monika; Srivastava, R K; Nagpal, R K; Khosla, P; Singh, JIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]242-248
Effect of microinjections of 5-hydroxytryptamine and adrenaline in central grey on pain responsiveness during acute food deprivation in conscious ratsBhunia, Snehasis; Bharambe, M.S.; Singh, R.; Premendran, J.; Pande, S.IJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]237-241
Hyperglycaemia in pregnancy: Effects on the offspring behaviour with special reference to anxiety paradigmsRamanathan, M.; Jaiswal, Arun K; Bhattacharya, Salil KIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]231-236
Immunohistochemical localization and correlation of p53 and PCNA expression in breast carcinomaGoel, M M; Goel, Rashmi; Mehrotra, Anju; Nath, Pramod; Agarwal, P K; Singh, Kamlesh; Mehrotra, RajIJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]225-230
90Sr - 90Y biokinetics at incorporation determine the radiation burden to bone marrow*Stevenson, A.F.G.IJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]222-224
Investigation of signal transduction pathways involved in melanoma cell spreadingSeller, Zerrin; Hart, Ian R.IJEB Vol.38(03) [March 2000]211-221
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21