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In vitro regeneration of Hypericum patulum Thunb.-A medicinal plant Baruah, Anjana; Sarma, D; Saud, J.; Singh, R SIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]947-949
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in Gloriosa L. Jadhav, S Y; Hegde, B AIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]943-946
Effect of probiotics on bacterial population and health status of shrimp in culture pond ecosystemDalmin, G; Kathiresan, K; Purushothaman, AIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]939-942
Primary cell culture from fish gills and kidney using fish serumRathore, Gaurav; Sood, Neeraj; Swaminathan, RajaIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]936-938
Effect of androgens on oviductal growth in skipper frog Rana cyanophlyctis Pancharatna, K; Rajapurohit, S V; Hiregoudar, S R; Kumbar, S MIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]933-935
Experimental evidence for a non-renin mediated pathway during TAME-esterase induced contractions in rat aorta in vitro Gurib, F B H; Subratty, A HIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]929-932
Biochemical studies on hypoglycemic effect of Aavirai Kudineer :A herbal formulation in alloxan diabetic rats Bhavapriya, V; Kalpana, S; Govindasamy, S; Apparanantham, TIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]925-928
Spermatotoxic effect of carbendazimAkbarsha, M A; Kadalmani, B; Girija, R; Faridha, A; Hamid, K ShahulIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]921-924
In vitro high frequency regeneration of plantlets of Vigna mungo and their ex vitro growth Agnihotri, Savita; Singh, R R; Chaturvedi, H CIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]916-920
Interspecific hybridization in Brassica juncea and Brassica toumefortii through embryo rescue and their evaluation for biotic and abiotic stress tolerance Kumar, Raj; Chowdhury, J B; Jain, R KIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]911-915
Rapid extraction of DNA from diverse soils by guanidine thiocyanate methodAgarwal, Anupriya; Kumar, Chitranshu; Goel, ReetaIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]906-910
Sustained release implants of chloroquine phosphate for possible use in chemoprophylaxis of malariaSaparia, Beena; Solanki, Ajay; Murthy, R S RIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]902-905
Characterization of genetic diversity of some serovars of Bacillus thuringiensis by RAPD Pattanayak, Debasis; Chakrabarti, Swarup K; Kumar, P Ananda; Naik, Prakash SIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]897-901
Evaluation of safety and efficacy of a gold containing Ayurvedic drugSharma, D C; Jha, Jagrati; Sharma, Praveen; Gaur, B LIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]892-896
Rat cheek gland compounds: Behavioural response to identified compoundsKannan, S; Archunan, GIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]887-891
Effect of amniotic sac puncture on parturition in ratSingh, Gajendra; Mohanty, Chhandamayee; Saxena, Ajit KumarIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]883-886
Effect of immunization with lipid associated polysaccharide antigen and anti CD-2 antibodies on class II MHC expression and cellular immune response in BALB/C mice infected with Leishmania donovani Bimal, Sanjiva; Bagchi, A K; Das, V; Sinha, P K; Lal, C S; Ranjan, A; Gupta, A K; Kar, S KIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]878-882
Antiallergic/antiasthmatic effect of novel antiallergic hexapeptide-95/220 in various experimental modelsSingh, Rashmi; Nath, Amar; Gupta, P P; Shukla, M; Khare, S K; Kundu, BIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]871-877
Effect of chronic treatment with Bis(maltolato)oxovanadium (IV) in rat model of non-insulin-dependent-diabetesShinde, Urmila A; Mehta, Anita A; Goyal, Ramesh KIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]864-870
In vivo radioprotective effect of Moringa oleifera leaves Rao, Anoop V; Devi, P Uma; Kamath, RIJEB Vol.39(09) [September 2001]858-863
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23