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Pancreatic polypeptide cells of rat pancreas after chronic ethanol feedingKoko, Vesna; Todorovic, Vera; Drndarevic, Neda; Glisic, Radmila; Nedeljkovic, Miroslava; Nikolic, AnnaIJEB Vol.39(05) [May 2001]416-424
Short-term effects of thyroid hormones on lipogenic enzymes and 14C-acetate incorporation into various lipid classes: In vivo and in vitro studies Varghese, Sheelu; Shameena, B; Sudhakaran, P.R; Oommen, Oommen V.IJEB Vol.39(05) [May 2001]431-435
Anticonvulsant effect of cytoskeletal depolymerizers in combination with potassium channel opener and adenylate cyclase activator; a causative link with nerve growth factor?Tyagi, Manoj G; Jose, Vinu MIJEB Vol.39(05) [May 2001]425-430
Protective effect of N-acetylcysteine in isoniazid induced hepatic injury in growing ratsAttri, S; Rana, S V; Vaiphie, K; Katyal, R; Sodhi, C P; Kanwar, S; Singh, KIJEB Vol.39(05) [May 2001]436-440
Circular form of regeneration in an unidentified species of land planarians, Bipalium sp. Patra, B C; Aditya, A KIJEB Vol.39(05) [May 2001]496-499
Effect of ATP sensitive potassium channel modifiers on antinociceptive effect of metoclopramideReddy, PM K; Shantanu, S; Shewade, D G; Ramaswamy, SIJEB Vol.39(05) [May 2001]476-478
Influence of lead in soil on myconhizal development and plant growth of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (Linn.) Taub Koul, Monika; Kapoor, Rupam; Luikham, NIJEB Vol.39(05) [May 2001]459-463
Induction of antioxidative enzyme by the Ayurvedic herb Desmotrichum fimbriatum B1. in mice Chakrabarty, M; Datta, G K; Ghosh, S; Debnath, P KIJEB Vol.39(05) [May 2001]485-486
Modulatory effect of Mentha piperita (Linn.) on serum phosphatases activity in Swiss albino mice against gamma irradiation Samarth, R M; Goyal, P K; Kumar, AshokIJEB Vol.39(05) [May 2001]479-482
Siderophore production by fluorescent pseudomonads colonizing roots of certain crop plantsYeole, R D; Dave, B P; Dube, H CIJEB Vol.39(05) [May 2001]464-468