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Propagation of Coriandrum sativum L. through somatic embryogenesis Stephan, R; Jayabalan, NIJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]387-389
Choice of oviposition site between surface of the medium and paper in four Indian species of Drosophila Srivastava, Tulika; Singh, BIJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]383-386
Haematinic effect of Hygrophila spinosa T.Anderson on experimental rodents Gomes, A.; Das, Manika; Dasgupta, S.C.IJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]381-382
Effect of anxiolytics on blood sugar level in rabbitsDixit, R K; Puri, J; Sharma, M K; Jain, I P; Singh, S; Ansari, N A; Singh, S PIJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]378-380
Ultrastructural studies on nodules induced by pyrimidine auxotrophs of Sinorhizobium meliloti Vineetha, K E; Vij, Neeraj; Prasad, C Krishna; Hassani, Raad; Randhawa, Gursharn SIJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]371-377
Blood anticoagulant sulphated polysaccharides of the marine green algae Codium dwarkense (Boergs.) and C. tomentosum (Huds.) Stackh. Shanmugam, M.; Mody, K. H.; Siddhanta, A. K.IJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]365-370
N-Phthaloyl gamma-aminobutyric acid affects biochemical circadian rhythms in Wistar ratsSubramanian, P; Sundaresan, S; Balamurugan, E.IJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]360-364
Effect of Maharishi Amrit Kalash an ayurvedic herbal mixture on lipid peroxidation and neuronal lipofuscin accumulation in ageing guinea pig brainVohra, B P S; Sharma, S P; Kansal, V K; Gupta, S KIJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]355-359
Effect of Convolvulus pluricaulis Chois on gastric ulceration and secretion in rats Sairam, K; Rao, Ch V; Goel, R KIJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]350-354
Anti-stress activity of Indian Hypericum perforatum L.Kumar, Vikas; Singh, P N; Bhattacharya, SKIJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]344-349
Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of Indian Hypericum perforatum L. Kumar, Vikas; Singh, P.N.; Bhattacharya, S.K.IJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]339-343
Neurochemical studies on Indian Hypericum perforatum L.Kumar, Vikas; Singh, PN; Bhattacharya, SKIJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]334-338
Influence of influenza viral infection on airway smooth muscle activityAshraf, M Z; Singh, M; Hussain, M E; Prasad, A K; Fahim, MIJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]329-333
Comparative functional characterization of mouse bone marrow-delived mast cells and peritoneal mast cells in response to non-immunological stimuliSingh, Rashmi; Kumar, P; Gupta, P PIJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]323-328
Role of garlic (Allium sativum L.) in human and plant diseases Singh, U P; Prithiviraj, B; Sarma, B K; Singh, Mandavi; Rai, A BIJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]310-322
Radiation induced peroxidative damage: Mechanism and significance *Agrawal, Anjali; Kale, R KIJEB Vol.39(04) [April 2001]291-309
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16