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Title: Influence of hexaconazole, carbofuran and ethion on soil microflora and dehydrogenase activities in soil and intact cell
Authors: Kalam, A
Mukherjee, A K
Issue Date: Jan-2001
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: Total microbial count was highly affected (up to 61% at 1000 µg level) in presence of hexaconazole and persisted up to 21 days. Bacteria were more susceptible than actinomycetes. Carbofuran and ethion were moderately toxic to soil micronora. Inhibitory effects of all the three pesticides gradually decreased after 21 days as was evident by increase in total microbial count except in carbofuran. GDH activity in soil was also affected initially (up tol4 days) by all the three pesticides (60.3% in hexaconazole at 1000 µg level) and inhibition gradually decreased to zero except in carbofuran ( 15-20 % toxicity persisted up to 35 days). GDH and LDH activity in presence of hexaconazole was strongly affected in intact cells of some standard culture of bacteria like Rhizobium sp. (host Dolichos sp., 32 .1 and 72.5%), Bacillus subtilis Cohn (86.75 and 76.5 %), Azotobacter sp. (36.9 and 55.4%) and B.sphaericus (67.6% GDH) respectively. Carbofuran inhibited the enzyme activity in B subtilis (55.55 and 35.3%) and to some extent in B.sphaericus. Ethion moderately inhibited LDH activity in Rhodococcus sp. AK1 (17.1 and 33.3%), Rhizobium (27.6% LDH), E. coli HB 101 (34.2% LDH) as evidenced by formazan formation. From the result, it might be concluded that among the above three pesticides tested hexaconazole strongly inhibited the dehydrogenase system in bacteria including nitrogen fixing bacteria of soil and thus may affect soil fertility. It was concluded that hexaconazole was more toxic than ethion to dehydrogenase enzymes.
Page(s): 90-94
ISSN: 0975-1009 (Online); 0019-5189 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJEB Vol.39(01) [January 2001]

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