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Photobiodegradation of pyridine by Rhodopseudomonas palustris JAI Ramana, Ch. V; Arunasri, K; Sasikala, Ch.IJEB Vol.40(08) [August 2002]967-970
Fishmeal extract agar-A new antibiotic sensitivity test medium.Subbannayya, K; Raghunath, P; Rao, V Arjuna; Nayak, B SIJEB Vol.40(08) [August 2002]960-962
Immunopotentiating activity of abrin, a lectin from Abrus precatorius Linn Ramnath, V; Kuttan, Girija; Kuttan, RamadasanIJEB Vol.40(08) [August 2002]910-913
A rapid hypochlorite method for extraction of polyhydroxy alkanoates from bacterial cellsRawte, T; Mavinkurve, SIJEB Vol.40(08) [August 2002]924-929
Hormonal implication in Bracon-venom-induced paralysation of the host larva of Corcyra cephalonica (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)Chanda, Sudipta; Panda, R N; Chakravorti, SanjibIJEB Vol.40(08) [August 2002]918-923
Pigment analysis and ammonia excretion in herbicide tolerant cyanobacteriaSelvakumar, G; Gopalaswamy, G; Kannaiyan, SIJEB Vol.40(08) [August 2002]934-940
Bioassay of three sulphur containing compounds as rat attractant admixed in cereal-based bait against Rattus rattus Linn. Veer, Vijay; Gopalan, N; Kumar, Santosh; Prakash, ShriIJEB Vol.40(08) [August 2002]941-944
Effect of external electrical field on mobile water fraction and physiological processes in wheat (Triticum aestivum) leaves Hebbar, K B; Sinha, S KIJEB Vol.40(08) [August 2002]957-959
Changes in free polyamines and related enzymes during stipule and pod wall development in Pisum sativum Chattopadhyay, Soumen; Lahiri, Kajari; Ghosh, BharatiIJEB Vol.40(08) [August 2002]945-949
Antioxidant and hypolipidaemic activity of a herbal formulation-LiposemMary, N K; Shylesh, B S; Babu, B H; Padikkala, JIJEB Vol.40(08) [August 2002]901-904