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Heike Kamerlingh — The Virial Equation of StateWisniak, JaimeIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]564-572
Density measurements of plastics – A simple standard test methodBag, Dibyendu S; Nandan, Bhanu; Alam, Sarfaraz; Kandpal, L D; Mathur, G NIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]561-563
Osmotic pressure measurement of polymer solutions by dynamic methods: A discussionIslam, M A; Khan, M M R; Sawpan, M AIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]558-560
Studies on the copolymerization of cyclic ketene acetals with styreneBhatia, Dhiraj; Braun, D; Choudhary, VeenaIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]548-557
Process optimization for extraction and purification of Bixin from AnnattoKoul, V K; Koul, Suman; Tikoo, C LIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]545-547
Heat release estimator based globally linearizing control of a chemical reactorAnand, P; Sridhar, J; Venkateswarlu, ChIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]539-544
Membrane based U(VI) transport across supported liquid membrane from aqueous acidic mediaSawant, S R; Sonawane, J V; Venugopalan, A K; Dey, P K; Kumar, Anil; Mathur, J NIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]531-538
Behaviour of organic polymers on the rheological properties of Indian bentonite-water based drilling fluid system and its effect on formation damageKumar, A Senthil; Mahto, Vikas; Sharma, V PIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]525-530
Fluorescence and lasing characteristics of fluorescein calix[4]aryl hydroxamic acidGidwani, M S; Menon, S K; Agrawal, Y KIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]519-524
Sulphonation of arylamines: Part 13—Kinetics and mechanistic aspects of solid state sulphonation of dichloroanilinesSingh, Gurdip; Srivastava, Jaya; Kaur, JaspreetIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]510-518
Epoxidation of olefin using Mn(III) tetraphenylporphyrin complex as catalystSengottuvelan, N; Saravanakumar, D; Thirumal, G; Prabu, T; Narayanan, V; Kandaswamy, MIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]505-509
High pressure epoxidation of soyabean oilRatna, D; Srivastava, S K; Banthia, Ajit KIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]501-504
Treated fly ash: A potential catalyst for alkylation of phenol with tert-butyl alcoholOjha, Keka; Pradhan, Narayan C; Samanta, Amar NathIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]495-500
Microwave-assisted synthesis of a new resin functionalized with adenine moiety and its application for the separation of zinc and cadmium in microwave-digested industrial sludge samplesMondal, Bhim Chandra; Das, Arabinda KIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]489-494
Pair interaction potential energy function for some practically important refrigerants from the viscosity in the limit of zero densityHaghighi, BehzadIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]483-488
Development of a model for drying of solids in a continuous fluidized bed dryerSetty, Y Pydi; Murthy, J V RamanaIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]477-482
Improvement in the yield and quality of soybean oil through an integrated biotech approachPatil, R P; Gite, V V; Maheshwari, V L; Kothari, R MIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]470-476
Spectrophotometric determination of yttrium in Y-Al alloys with 5,7-diiodoquinoline-8-ol and Rhodamine 6GVijayaJekshmy, B; Biju, V M; Rao, T PrasadaIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]466-469
Chemical and biocidal investigations on rhizome volatile oil of Curcuma zedoaria Rosc—Part 32Singh, Gurdip; Singh, Om Prakash; Prasad, Y R; Lampasona, M P; Catalan, CIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]462-465
Determination of trace amounts of silver in natural waters after flotation using mercury(II) sulphide as a coprecipitant and oleic acid as a surfactantGhazy, S E; Mostafa, G A HIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]457-461
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22