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Preparation and characterization of lobster shell chitosan: Modification of traditional methodChatterjee, S; Guha, A K; Chatterjee, B PIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]350-354
James Dewar — More than a flaskWisniak, JaimeIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]424-434
Kinetics of esterification of tri-ethylene glycol-methacrylic acid reaction systemNotay, J S; Bhagade, S SIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]420-423
Effect of substituents on corrosion inhibition efficiency of arylisothiocyanates and their condensation products with thiosemicarbazide for corrosion of copper in aqueous chloride solutionSingh, M M; Rastogi, R B; Upadhyay, B N; Yadav, MIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]414-419
Thermal behaviour of bismaleimides, allyl nadic-imides and their blendsSingh, Indrajeet; Srisvastava, Anju; Varma, I KIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]408-413
Kinetics of RuIII catalysed polymerization of methylmethacrylate by aliphatic amines in presence of carbon tetrachloridePachauri, Manisha; Upadhyay, Santosh KIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]402-407
Electrochemical degradation of resorcinol using mixed oxide coated titanium electrode for wastewater treatment — A kinetic studyRajkumar, D; Palanivelu, K; Mohan, NIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]396-401
Investigation on the equilibrium solubility of cesium chloride-hydrochloric acid-water ternary system and the applicationJiang, Yucheng; Hu, Mancheng; Meng, Mei; Gao, Shiyang; Xia, ShupingIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]391-395
Kinetic study of crystal colouration during crystallization of sucroseSingh, Kaman; Mohan, SudhanshuIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]386-390
Precipitation and complex formation reactions based titrimetric and spectrophotometric methods for the determination of diphenhydramine hydrochlorideBasavaiah, K; Charan, V SIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]382-385
Determination of total sulphur in inorganic compounds — An overviewSayi, Y S; Shankaran, P S; Yadav, C S; Chhapru, G CIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]373-381
An improved method for the recovery of essential oil from Celery seedsJain, M P; Sama, J K; Jain, S M; Sharma, V K; Singh, BaldevIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]370-372
Chromatographic behaviour of metal ions on egg shell layersMisra, Aditya KIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]367-369
Synthesis and spectral studies of macrocyclic mono- and binuclear gadolinium(III)complexes derived from schiffs basesAkilan, P; Thirumavalavan, M; Kandaswamy, MIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]363-366
New titrimetric and spectrophotometric methods for the determination of promethazine theoclate using metavanadateBasavaiah, K; Charan, V SIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]355-362
Study of insecticidal activity of some pyrazole derivatives against American cockroachesVerma, Rajesh K; Nayal, Sanjay SIJCT Vol.10(4) [July 2003]347-349
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16