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dc.contributor.authorKamat, Shrivallabh P-
dc.contributor.authorMenezes, Jose C-
dc.contributor.authorSiddhaye, Bhushan M-
dc.contributor.authorPaknikar, Shashikumar K-
dc.description.abstractTwo different high yielding synthetic routes both starting with 6-methylcoumarin 2 have been described to prepare 4-hydroxy-7-methyl-1-indanone 1, a constituent of cyanobacterium Nostoc commune having antibacterial activity. In the first route, methylative lactone ring opening of the coumarin 2 followed by catalytic hydrogenation of the cinnamyl double bond and subsequent PPA cyclization gives the methyl ether 5 of 1 which on demethylation gives 1 in excellent yield. Alternatively, catalytic hydrogenation of 2 followed by fusion with anhydrous AlCl₃ gives high yield of 1 in just two steps.en_US
dc.sourceIJCB Vol.47B(10) [October 2008]en_US
dc.titleFacile syntheses of 4-hydroxy-7-methyl-1-indanone, isolated from cyanobacterium Nostoc communeen_US
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