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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Ab-initio calculation and B1 to B2 structural phase transformation in CdO at high pressure Srivastava, Vipul; Sanyal, Sankar P; Rajagopalan, M
Jan-2007Ion beam modification and analysis of polymer compositesQureshi, Anjum; Singh, N L; Somani, Keyur; Rakshit, A K; Singh, F; Avasthi, D K
Jan-2007Dielectric study of Cu2+ doped calcium tartrate tetrahydrate crystals Suthar, S R; Joshi, S J; Parekh, B B; Joshi, M J
Jan-2007Transport, magnetic and thermal properties of La0.88Ca0.12MnO3 single crystal Bodhaye, Ashish; Sanyal, Sankar P; Okram, G S; Mukovskii, Y M
Jan-2007Reflectance and magneto-optical Kerr rotation in DyPSaini, Sapan Mohan; Singh, Nirpendra; Nautiyal, T; Auluck, S
Jan-2007Phonon interaction and variation of deformation potential with temperature and concentration in diluted Ga₍₁₋x₎MnxN quantum wellPandya, Ankur; Jha, Prafulla K
Jan-2007High-pressure P-V relation and Grüneisen parameter for elemental strontiumVyas, P R; Gohel, V B; Bhatt, N K; Jani, A R
Jan-2007Variation of electrical resistivity with temperature of liquid ternary alloys of Na-K-RbGajjar, P N; Mishra, S R; Jani, A R
Jan-2007Theoretical study of molecular ordering in p-n-hexyloxybenzylidene-p-toluidine: A nematic liquid crystalTiwari, S N; Mishra, M; Shukla, R
Jan-2007Phonon dispersion curves of TiNOjha, P K; Singh, Syamendra Pratap; Upadhyaya, K S
Jan-2007Phonons in non-oxide perovskite superconductor MgCNi₃Sinha, M M
Jan-2007Optical properties of CeSb and LaSbSingh, Nirpendra; Saini, Sapan Mohan; Nautiyal, Tashi; Auluck, S
Jan-2007Electrical properties of chloroaluminium phthalocyanine thin film sandwich devicesE- Azimaraghi, M
Jan-2007Multiferroic behaviour of Ti doped Mg₀․₉₅Mn₀․₀₅Fe₂O₄Kumar, Shalendra; Kumar, Ravi; Dogra, A; Reddy, V R; Banerjee, A; Alimuddin
Jan-2007Role of scattering Processes in lattice thermal conductivity of GeAnsari, M Ataullah; Singh, Nitin P; Indu, B D
Jan-2007Structural and magnetic properties of Co nanoparticles in Cu/SiO₂ matrixKumar, P Anil; Mitra, Subarna; Mandal, Kalyan
Jan-2007Binary composition spread approach for parallel pulsed laser deposition synthesis and highthroughput characterization of transparent and semiconducting oxide thin filmsJoshi, Utpal S; Koinuma, Hideomi
Jan-2007Size dependent magnetic behaviour of nanocrystalline spinel ferrite Mg₀․₉₅Mn₀․₀₅Fe₂O₄Sharma, S K; Kumar, Ravi; Kumar, V V Siva; Dolia, S N; Gupta, A; Reddy, V R; Knobel, M; Singh, M
Jan-2007Silver-zinc oxide electrical contact materials by mechanochemical synthesis routeJoshi, P B; Rao, V J; Rehani, B R; Pratap, Arun
Jan-2007dc Conductivity and dielectric properties of V₂O₅-Bi₂O₃-ZnO glassShukla, D K; Mollah, S
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21