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Ammonium formate catalytic transfer hydrogenation:A convenient method for removal of halogenated benzyloxycarbonyl and benzyl protecting groups in peptide synthesisGowda, D Channe; Rajesh, B; Gowda, ShankareIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]504-508
Stereochemistry of N-formyl-cis-2,4-diaryl-3-azabicyclo[3.3.1]nonanesJeyaraman, R; Thenmozhiyal, J C; Murugadoss, R; Venkatraj, M; Laavanya, P; Panchanatheswaran, K; Bhadbhade, MIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]497-503
Structural studies of a polysaccharide isolated from an edible mushroom, Astraeus hygrometricusPramanik, Amar; Islam, Syed SirajulIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]525-529
A new coumarin from the seeds of Calophyllum inophyllum Linn.Joshi, Swati P; Deodhar, Vinaya B; Phalgune, Usha DIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]560-561
A facile synthesis of 7-(substituted aryl)-2-benzoyl-3-methyl-5H-furo[3,2-g][1]benzopyran-5-ones and their antifeedant activityRao, P Sampath; Reddy, K Vishnu Vardhan; Ashok, DIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]557-559
1,3,4-Oxadiazolines from the reaction of diphenylketene with benzophenone N-diphenylacyl hydrazones. A reinvestigationSingh, G S; Shang, M; Ibata, TIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]554-556
Heterocyclization of vicinal dioximes to seven membered N, P and O heterocyclesSingh, M S; Singh, A KIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]551-553
Synthesis of different heterocycles using 4-(4-methylphenylhydrazono)-1H-pyrano[3,4-b] benzofuran-1,3-dionePatankar, J A; Athaiye, Shailesh S; Verma, Ranjit S; Dalvi, Anita AIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]548-550
A simple, efficient phase-transfer catalyzed method for preparing symmetrical azobenzenes from anilinesWang, Xiaoyang; Wang, Yulu; Li, Jianping; Wang, Cailan; Duan, Zhifang; Zhang, ZhiyiIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]545-547
Synthesis of new type azo compounds by 4-hydroxy-2,2,6,6-tertramethyl-1-piperidinyloxyl as the phase transfer dehydrogenation catalystWang, Xiaoyang; Zhang, Zhiyi; Wang, Yulu; Li, Jianping; Wang, Cailan; Wang, HongIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]542-544
Synthesis, characterization and reactions of novel cycloketones C6H2(CH2)4(CO)2 and. C6(CH2)6(CO)3Ullah, S S; Alam, F R; Haque, M R HaqueIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]539-541
Highly diastereoselective synthesis and easy method for synthesis of optically active sulfinate esters from aromatic disulfidesHajipour, Abdol Reza; Islami, FereshtehIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]536-538
On the novel cembranoids of the soft coral Sinularia granosa of the Indian Ocean and their biogenesisAnjaneyulu, A S R; Venugopal, M J R V; Sarada, PIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]530-535
1H NMR spectral study of some 4-hydroxy-2,6-diphenylpiperidines and a systematic analysis of 1H chemical shifts in some piperidines and 3,7-diazabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane derivativesPandiarajan, K; Manimekalai, A; Rajarajan, GIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]517-524
Acidic hydrolysis of hydroxamic acids in mixed cationic - cationic, cationic - nonionic and anionic - nonionic micellesGhosh, Kallol K; Pandey, AlkaIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]509-516
Polyhydroxy alkaloids from plants: NMR shielding behaviourPant, Neerja; Jain, Dharam C; Bhakuni, Rajendra S; Sharma, Ram PIJC-B Vol.39B(07) [July 2000]483-496
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16