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Title: Synthesis, physicochemical characterisation and chemical properties of the first nonaalkoxo-distannates and dititanates of nickel(II)
Authors: Agrawal, Neetu
Singh, Anirudh
Issue Date: Dec-2007
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Heterobimetallic alkoxides of the types [Ni{M₂(OR)₉(μ-Cl)}]₂ (1)-(4)and [Ni{M₂(OR)₉}₂] (5)-(8) (where M = Sn, Ti; R = Pri, Et) have been prepared by the reactions of NiCl₂.xROH (R = Pri, Et) with M´{M₂(OR)₉} (M´ = Na, K) in 1:1 and 1:2 molar ratios in benzene, respectively. The chloro complexes (1)-(4) on reactions with appropriate alkali metal alkoxides yield alkoxo analogues: [Ni{Sn₂(OPri)₉}(μ-OPri)]₂ (10), [Ni{Sn₂(OEt)₉}(μ-OEt)]₂ (11), [Ni{Ti₂(OPri)₉}(μ-OPri)]₂ (12), [Ni{Ti₂(OEt)₉}(μ-OEt)]₂ (13), [Ni{Sn₂(OPri)₉}(μ-OCH₂CH₂OCH₃)]₂ (14), [Ni{Sn₂(OEt)₉}(μ-OCH₂CH₂ OCH₃)]₂ (15), [Ni{Sn₂(OPri)₉} (μ-OCH₂CH₂OC₂H₅)]₂ (16), [Ni{Sn₂(OEt)₉}(μ-OCH₂CH₂OC₂H₅)]₂ (17), [Ni{Sn₂(OPri)₉}(μ-OCH₂CH₂NHCH₃)]₂ (18), and [Ni{Sn₂(OEt)₉}(μ-OCH₂CH₂NHCH₃)]₂ (19). All these complexes have been characterized by elemental analyses, spectroscopic (UV-vis, and IR) and magnetic studies as well as by molecular weight measurements.
Page(s): 1938-1946
ISSN: Int. Cl.⁸ C0F15/04
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.46A(12) [December 2007]

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