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A new pregnane derivative from the Indian ocean gorgonian Subergorgia suberosa (Pallas)Subrahmanyam, C; Kumar, S Ratna; Reddy, G DamodarIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]219-220
Synthesis and bioevaluation of some novel nucleosides as antiherptic agentsChauhan, Deepa; Chauhan, J S; Singh, J; Bajpai, S K; Joshi, M NIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]215-218
One pot reaction: Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of 3-alkyl/aryl-9- substituted 1,2,4-triazolo[3,4-b] [1,3,4]quinolinothiadiazepinesKalluraya, Balakrishna; Gururaja, R.; Rai, GaneshaIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]211-214
Synthesis and biological activity of some new benzophenothiazinesPandey, V K; Negi, H S; Joshi, M N; Bajpai, Ms S KIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]206-210
Synthesis and activity of a new series of chalcones as antibacterial agentsVibhute, Y B; Baseer, M AIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]202-205
Studies on the cyclisation of two key allyl phenol intermediates of bromotyrosine based natural productsMallavadhani, Uppuluri V; Narasimhan, KIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]199-201
Efficient and highly selective oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols by butyltriphenylphosphonium chlorochromate under non-aqueous conditionsHajipour, Abdol R; Mallakpour, Shadpour E; Malakoutikhah, MortezaIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]195-198
Synthesis of some novel bridgehead nitrogen heterocyclic systems containing 1,8 naphthyridine moietyMogilaiah, K; Kankaiah, GIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]192-194
Synthesis of newer selenadiazoles and thiadiazoles from their chroman-4-one precursorsGaikwad, M S; Mane, A S; Hangarge, R V; Chavan, V P; Shingare, M SIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]189-191
Reactions of heterocyclic quinone methides: A facile entry to synthesize the alkaloid, flindersine and its analoguesKumar, R Nandha; Selvi, S Thamarai; Suresh, T; Mohan, P SIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]187-188
Synthesis of novel benzopyrano pyrano pyrimidines and benzopyrano pyrano thiopyrimidinesKumar, R Nandha; Suresh, T; Magesh, S; Mohan, P SIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]184-186
Zinc/hydrazine: A low cost-facile system for the reduction of nitro compoundsGowda, Shankare; Gowda, D ChanneIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]180-183
Synthesis and reactions of some new 2,3-dihydro-5H-5,7-diarylthiazolo[3,2-a] pyrimidine-3-one derivatives and their antibacterial and fungicidal activitySalama, M A; El-Essa, S AIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]173-179
Synthesis and biological activity of 16-arylidene derivatives of estrone and estrone methyl etherMinu, Maninder; Jindal, Dharam Paul; Leclercq, G; Borras, MIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]166-172
Spectral and electrochemical investigations of ketorolac tromethamineMoses, G S; Kumar, M Sunil; Ramachandraiah, A; Rao, K MIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]159-165
Imminium ion chemistry at C-2 of pyroglutamates: Unexpected formation of 1,4- Methano-3-oxa-6-t-butyl-7 -azabicyc1o[7.3.0]decan-2,8-dioneMaheshwari, Anjana; Goswami, Lalit N; Dikshit, Dinesh K; Joshi, B S; Roy, RajaIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]154-158
Chiral 1,3-oxazolidines as the ligands for the enantioselective addition of diethylzinc to aryl aldehydesPrasad, K R K; Joshi, N NIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]150-153
Synthesis of some 3-(4-styryl-6-aryl-pyridin-2-yl)- and 3-(6-styryl-4-aryl-pyridin- 2-yl) coumarinsBrahmbhatt, D I; Pandya, Urvish RIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]145-149
Microwave assisted one pot synthesis of novel 11-amino-3-phenyl-2-thioxo-10-oxo- imidazolo[5",4":5',6'] pyrano[4', 3': 3,4]furo[2,3-b]indolesDandia, Anshu; Sachdeva, Harshita; Singh, Ruby; Sharma, C SIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]140-144
A rapid one-pot synthesis of 2,4,6-triaryl-3-aroyl-4-hydroxy-1, 1-cyclohexanedicarbonitriles and 2-aminoisophthalonitriles under microwave activationLaskar, Dhrubojyoti D; Prajapati, Dipak; Sandhu, Jagir SIJC-B Vol.42B(01) [January 2003]135-139
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21