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Spectrophotometric determination of lead(II) in water samples using benzil α-monoxime isonicotinoyl hydrazoneRamesh, M; Chandrasekhar, K B; Reddy, K HussainIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1337-1339
Liquid-liquid extraction separation studies of iron(III) from iron(II) and other cations with dibenzo-18-crown-6 from hydrobromic acid mediumMohite, B S; Mane, S GIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1334-1336
Extractive fluorimetric determination of dimethoate residues in water samplesMohan, K Rama; Ramesh, A; Seshaiah, KIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1331-1333
Synthesis of a novel metal chelating ion exchange resin specific for zincMathur, P N; Parashar, Kshipra; Shrivastava, Shipra; Shrivastava, S KIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1327-1330
Viscosities for binary liquid mixtures of some n-alkoxyethanols with alkyl acetates at 298.15 KPal, Amalendu; Kumar, HarshIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1322-1326
Study on the solid solubility mechanism of Cr2O3 in Fe3O4 (γ-Fe2O3)Linshen, Chen; Guanglie, Lu; Xiurong, Hu; Songying, ChenIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1317-1321
Organocobalt complexes of diacetylmonoxime buckled with different diamines as 'models' for vitamin B12 derivativesReddy, K Hussain; Reddy, M Radhakrishna; Raju, K MohanaIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1312-1316
Synthesis and characterization of open-ring polycomponent complexes formed in the reaction of lanthanides with o-phenylenediamine and benzoylacetoneGang, Cheng; Peizhi, Hu; Zhizhong, Jing; Qingyun, LiIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1309-1311
Synthesis and characterization of cryptates of Sm(III), Eu(III), Tb(III), Dy(III) chlorides with macrobicyclic cryptandDong, Wenkui; Yang, Rudong; Yan, LanIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1306-1308
Synthesis and characterization of copper(II), nickel(II), cobalt(II), palladium(II), rhodium(III) and dioxouranium(VI) complexes with biacetylmonoxime phenoxyacetyl hydrazoneMostafa, Sahar I; Rakha, Tawfik H; El-Agez, Medhat MIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1301-1305
Synthesis, characterization, luminescent and redox properties of some mononuclear and dinuclear ruthenium(II) polypyridyl complexesMishra, Lallan; Sinha, RaginiIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1295-1300
Synthesis and a study of paramagnetic shifts in the complexes of lanthanide thiocyanates with 2, 2' -bipyridylKhan, Azad A; Iftikhar, KIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1286-1294
Synthesis and characterization of novel tetraoximes and their poly-metal complexesGok, Yasar; Bilgin, Ahmet; Ertepinar, Hamide; Nisanoglu, ErsoyIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1280-1285
Excess thermodynamic and dielectric functions of the binary liquid mixtures of methylmethacrylate + alkoxyethanols (2-methoxyethanol, 2-ethoxyethanol,2-butoxyethanol) and + 1-alcohols (1-butanol, 1-pentanol, 1-heptanol)Sastry, NV; Patel, S R; George, J; Prasad, D H LIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1270-1279
Comparative investigations on electrical conductance of ion-exchange membranesShahi, Vinod K; Murugesh, AP; Makwana, B S; Thampy, S K; Rangarajan, RIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1264-1269
Correlation analysis of reactivity in oxidation of substituted benzyl alcohols by benzyl trimethylammonium chlorobromateRaju, V Sita Rama; Sharma, Pradeep K; Banerji, Kalyan KIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1258-1263
Adsorption of polyacrylamide onto Fuller's earth surfaceBajpai, A K; Vishwakarma, NIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1248-1257
Regioselective t-butylation of m-cresol over mesoporous Al-MCM-41 molecular sievesUmamaheswari, V; Palanichamy, M; Arabindoo, Banumathi; Murugesan, VIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1241-1247
Ab initio calculations of solvent effects on guanine and thioguanine tautomerismYekeler, HulyaIJC-A Vol.39A(12) [December 2000]1231-1240
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19