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Direct spectrophotometric determination of bismuth in pharmaceutical products using a flow-injection systemLiu, Renjiang; Pan, JiaomaiIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]676-678
Derivative spectrophotometric determination of vanadium in alloys and environmental samples after adsorptive extraction of its 2-(5-bromo-2-pyridylazo )-5-diethylaminophenol chelate onto microcrystalline benzophenonePancras, J Patrick; Puri, Bal KrishanIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]672-675
Synthesis, characterisation and absorption spectroscopy of mono and dinuclear complexes of platinum(II) and palladium(II)Anbalagan, V; Srivastava, T SIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]667-671
Synthesis and characterisation of a trinuclear Co(III)-Cu(II)-Co(III) complex with pyridine- 2-carboxylate as bridging ligandDas, Nigamananda; Dash, Amitabh; Mohanty, PrakashIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]664-666
Exploring new bio-active Ru(II) polypyridyl complexes through their interaction with DNAMishra, Lallan; Yadaw, Ajay KIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]660-663
Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of aliphatic alcohols by oxo(salen) manganese(V) complexesBansal, Varsha; Sharma, Pradeep K; Banerji, Kalyan KIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]654-659
Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of some α-amino acids by benzyltrimethylammonium chiorobromateRaju, V Sita Rama; Sharma, Pradeep K; Banerji, Kalyan KIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]650-653
Kinetics and mechanism of phenolformaldehyde and TEMP-formaldehyde base catalysed reactionsJassal, P S; Rakshit, A KIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]646-649
Kinetics of dissociation of tris-2, 2'-bipyridyl iron(II) in the water pools of CTAB reverse micellesSyamala, P; Rao, P V Subba; Ramakrishna, KIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]643-645
Kinetics of the reaction between thioglycolic acid and parabenzoquinone-Micellar effect of cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromideRamakrishna, K; Syamala, P; Rao, P V SubbaIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]639-642
Luminescence characteristics of 1,1'-binaphthyl- 4,4'-diol in different solvents and at various pHNayaki, S Kothai; Swaminathan, MIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]634-638
Semiempirical and thermodynamic calculations on the exothermic degradation of vinyl polyperoxidesNanda, Ajaya Kumar; Kishore, KausalIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]631-633
Compositional assignments of trans-4-acryloyloxyazobenzene/methyl methacrylate copolymers by two dimensional NMR spectroscopyBrar, A S; Thiyagarajan, MIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]625-630
Wave propagation and pattern formation on a porcelain membraneDas, Ishwar; Pandey, Vibha; Rastogi, R P; Mishra, G PIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]618-624
Adsorption of methylene blue on cellulose from its own solution and its mixture with methyl orangePalit, Debashish; Moulik, Satya PIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]611-617
Adsorption of Eriochrome Black T on polyaniline from aqueous and methanolic solutionsSingla, M L; Jain, D V SIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]603-610
Partial molar volumes and viscosities of some monovalent ions in ethanolamine and water-ethanolamine mixtures at 298.15 KWadi, (Late) R K; Vinita; Kakkar, RitaIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]598-602
Effects of additives (NaCl, urea, glucose, guanidine hydrochloride) on the physico-chemical properties of reverse micelles of Tweens in chloroformNandi, Susantamay; Bhattacharya, Subhash Ch; Moulik, Satya PIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]589-597
A simple method to predict the solvation free energy and enthalpy of electrolytes in aqueous and non-aqueous solutionsBadarayani, Rohini; Kumar, AnilIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]584-588
Ion-association and solvation studies of copper(I), silver (I), thallium (I) perchlorates and some tetraalkylammonium salts in binary mixtures of triethylphosphite with acetonitrile, benzonitrile and pyridine at 298.15 KGill, Dip Singh; Singh, Rohitash; Singh, Jasbir; Joshi, Inder Mohan•IJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]579-583
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21