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dc.contributor.authorZhong, Xinxian-
dc.contributor.authorChen, Jinhua-
dc.contributor.authorYang, Lei-
dc.contributor.authorSun, Xinping-
dc.description.abstractNafion (Nf)-thionine (Th) ion-pair as dispersant and second catalyst has been introduced in Pt catalyst for methanol electrooxidation and the resulting catalyst supported on carbon (NfThPt/C) has been investigated by electrochemical method. For the same loading mass of Pt, the peak current density of methanol oxidation on the NfThPt/C/graphite electrode is about 7.25 and 3.04 times as high as that on the E-TEK Pt/C/graphite and E-TEK PtRu/C/graphite electrodes, respectively. Moreover, NfThPt/C catalyst shows excellent anti-poisoning ability and long-term cycle stability. The electrocatalytic properties of Pt for methanol electrooxidation are improved by Nf-Th ion-pair.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesInt. Cl. ⁸ B01J23/42; C25B3/02en_US
dc.sourceIJCA Vol.47A(4) [April 2008]en_US
dc.titleElectrocatalytic properties of platinum catalyst for methanol electrooxidation enhanced by nafion-thionine ion-pairen_US
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