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Synthesis, crystal structure, electronic spectra and density functional studies on 1N-phenyl-3-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-5-phenyl-2-pyrazolineZhaoa, Pu Su; Wanga, Hong Yan; Lia, Rong Qing; Guo, Huan MeiIJCA Vol.47A(7) [July 2008]986-991
Extraction chromatographic separation of Ga(III) with the high molecular mass liquid cation exchanger SRS-100Mandal, Bhabatosh; Ghosh, NiladriIJCA Vol.47A(7) [July 2008]1041-1046
Kinetics of oxidation of non-ionic surfactants (Triton X-100 and Brij-35) by KMnO₄ in H₂SO₄ mediumShukla, Pragya; Upadhyay, Santosh KIJCA Vol.47A(7) [July 2008]1037-1040
Brij-35 micellar catalysed chloramine-T oxidation of vitamins: A kinetic studyShukla, Varuna; Upadhyay, Santosh KIJCA Vol.47A(7) [July 2008]1032-1036
Densities, viscosities and speed of sound of binary mixtures of phenylacetonitrile with some aliphatic alcohols at 308.15 KBachu, Ranjith Kumar; Patwari, Murali Krishna; Boodida, Sathyanarayana; Tangeda, Savitha Jyostna; Nallani, SatyanarayanaIJCA Vol.47A(7) [July 2008]1026-1031
Intermolecular free length and free volume of pure liquids at varying temperatures and pressuresPandey, J D; Sanguri, Vinay; Yadav, M K; Singh, ArunaIJCA Vol.47A(7) [July 2008]1020-1025
Molecular interactions of polyvinylpyrrolidone and cellulose acetate butyrate solutions in dimethylformamideSelvakumar, M; Bhat, D Krishna; Renganathan, N GIJCA Vol.47A(7) [July 2008]1014-1019
Synthesis and characterization of dioxouranium(VI), thorium(IV), oxozirconium(IV) and oxovanadium(IV) complexes with 1,11-dihydroxy-1,4,5,7,8,11-hexaaza- 2,3,9,10-tetramethyl-1,3,8,10-decatetraene-6- thione and their derivatives with chloroacetic acidDash, D C; Mahapatra, A; Mohapatra, R K; Ghosh, S; Naik, PIJCA Vol.47A(7) [July 2008]1009-1013
Synthesis and characterization of hydrotalcites: Potential thermal stabilizers for PVCGupta, Savita; Agarwal, D D; Banerjee, SusantaIJCA Vol.47A(7) [July 2008]1004-1008
Microwave assisted synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial studies of unsymmetric imine complexes of organotitanium(IV) and organozirconium(IV)Poonia, Kavita; Swami, Monika; Chaudhary, Ashu; Singh, R VIJCA Vol.47A(7) [July 2008]996-1003
Double aromatic amine addition across ruthenium(III) coordinated bis-nitrile functionChatterjee, Sudipta; Nethaji, M; Goswami, SreebrataIJCA Vol.47A(7) [July 2008]992-995
A comparative study between the effective pair potential parameters obtained from different equations of statesKermanpour, F; Farzi, NIJCA Vol.47A(7) [July 2008]979-985
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12