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Statistical analysis on quencher in photobiological applicationDatta, Jaydip; Bhattacharjee, Chiranjib; De, B RIJCA Vol.47A(5) [May 2008]708-710
Oscillating behaviour of gallic acid – methyl ketone system catalysed by metal ionsLone, Mushtaq A; Nath, Masood A; Ganaie, Nadeem B; Peerzada, Mustafa GIJCA Vol.47A(5) [May 2008]705-707
Borohydride reduction of azomethine bonds in β-alanine Schiff base complexesYalçın, Bahattin; Medjidov, Ajdar Akbar; Nasrullayeva, Tarana Malik; Taşcıoğlu, Sülin; Aydın, AdnanIJCA Vol.47A(5) [May 2008]699-704
Theoretical study on magnetic coupling interactions of the binuclear copper(II) complexesMiao, Ti-fang; Li, ShuangIJCA Vol.47A(5) [May 2008]695-698
Pulse radiolytic studies on cis-dichlorobis-(2,2'-bipyridine)cobalt(III) and cis-dichlorobis-(1,10-phenanthroline)cobalt(III) complexesGhosh, Smita; Kawade, Vitthal A; Sapre, Avinash V; Kumbhar, Avinash SIJCA Vol.47A(5) [May 2008]690-694
Synthesis and characterization of non-oxovanadium(IV) complexes of biphenylphenolsSharma, Neeraj; Meena; Thakur, Maridula; Kumar, Vijay; Chaudhry, S CIJCA Vol.47A(5) [May 2008]685-689
Studies on the configuration and structural stability of cyanides Fe(CN)ո (n=1-4)Sun, Xue-jun; Wang, Wen-juan; Zhou, Zheng-yu; Zhau, Shu-lei; Ma, Hong-kunIJCA Vol.47A(5) [May 2008]677-684
Correlation analysis of reactivity in the oxidation of substituted benzyl alcohols by morpholinium chlorochromateSoni, Neelam; Tiwari, Vandana; Sharma, VinitaIJCA Vol.47A(5) [May 2008]669-676
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes over transition metal ions supported on Al(OH)₃Kathyayini, H; Reddy, K Vijayakumar; Nagy, J B; Nagaraju, NIJCA Vol.47A(4) [May 2008]663-668
Reactions of electron-deficient benzoquinoline triosmium cluster [(μ-H)Os₃(CO)₉(μ₃-η²-C₁₃H₈N)] with diazomethaneKabir, Shariff E; Rahman, Mohammad A; Uddin, Md. Nazim; Begum, NoorjahanIJCA Vol.47A(4) [May 2008]657-662
Synthesis, characterization and electrical conductivities of mixed-ligand (N, S/Se) heterobimetallic coordination polymers and their I₂-doped productsSingh, Nanhai; Prasad, AkhileshIJCA Vol.47A(4) [May 2008]650-656
Synthesis, structure, DNA-binding and photocleavage activity of a binuclear copper(II) complexPatra, Ashis K; Gupta, Tarkeshwar; Roy, SovanIJCA Vol.47A(4) [May 2008]643-649
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12