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Coordination of isoniazid, an anti-tuberculosis (TB) drug with chromium, molybdenum, and tungsten metal carbonylsJesudurai, D; Vancheesan, SIJC-A Vol.42A(07) [July 2003]1609-1616
Photodegradation of surfactants on the dye modified TiO2 surface using visible lightChatterjee, Debabrata; Mahata, AnimaIJC-A Vol.42A(07) [July 2003]1627-1631
Hydrides of TbM2 (M = Fe and Mn)Kulshreshtha, S K; Sasikala, R; Jayakumar, O DIJC-A Vol.42A(07) [July 2003]1597-1603
Synthesis of bis(tri-n-butyltin) esters of dicarboxylic acid and crystal structure of the three-dimensional framework of organotin polymer, bis(tri-n-butyltin) ester of succinic acidYin, Handong; Wang, Chuanhua; Ma, ChunlinIJC-A Vol.42A(07) [July 2003]1652-1655
Kinetics and mechanism of C16TAB catalyzed oxidation of methylene violet by chloramine-T in acidic mediumBhagwat, V W; Pipada, Mona; Jonnalagadda, S B; Pare, BrijeshIJC-A Vol.42A(07) [July 2003]1644-1648
Solvent extraction of zinc(II), cadmium(II), mercury(II) and bismuth(III) using n-octy laniline and their separationsKuchekar, S R; Aher, H R; Chavan, M BIJC-A Vol.42A(07) [July 2003]1674-1676
Simulation of the infrared spectra of N-methylformamide and N-methylacetamide by the extended molecular mechanics methodSathyanarayana, D N; Ganeshsrinivas, EIJC-A Vol.42A(07) [July 2003]1564-1574
Cu-substituted MnCuxAl2-xO4: A new catalyst for NO reduction and oxidation of CO, NH3, CH4 and C3H8Prakash, AS; Bera, Parthasarathi; Khadar, A M A; Hegde, M SIJC-A Vol.42A(07) [July 2003]1581-1589
IR, EPR and magnetic susceptibility studies on xCuO-0.45B2O3-(0.55-x)As2O3 polycrystalline systemDas, B B; Aruna, SIJC-A Vol.42A(07) [July 2003]1590-1596
On the electronic structures and conduction properties of quasi-one-dimensional copolymers (type-II staggered) of donor-acceptor polymersGandhi, Geetika; Bakhshi, A KIJC-A Vol.42A(07) [July 2003]1575-1580