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Extractive spectrophotometric determination of molybdenum(VI) using 3-hydroxy-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-6-propionyl-4H-chromen-4-one as a new reagentDass, Rameshwar; Kumar, Anil; Sharma, R GIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]576-578
A facile spectrophotometric method for the determination of hypochlorite using azure BNarayana, B; Vipin, K; Mathew, Mendalin; Sreekumar, N VIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]573-575
Quinoline-8-thiol functionalized solid phase extractant for the preconcentration of ultratrace amounts of mercury (II)Mathew, Rosilind; Starvin, A Maria; Rao, T PrasadaIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]569-572
Synthesis and characterization of schiff base derivatives of bimetallic [Mg(II); Al(III)]-μ-oxoisopropoxideSharma, Harish K; Kapoor, Pramesh NIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]566-568
Synthesis and characterization of indole-3-acetates and indole-3-butyrates of Mo(VI) and W (VI)Sheikh, Haq N; Hussain, Ashaq; Sharma, Madhu; Kalsotra, Bansi LIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]562-565
Synthesis and physico-chemical studies on transition metal complexes of macrocyclic ligand derived from 2,6-diacetylpyridine dihydrazoneShakir, Mohammad; Chingsubam, Poonam; Chishti, Hamida-Tun-Nisa; Azim, Yasser; Begum, NishatIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]556-561
Dinitrosylmolybdenum(0) complexes of catalytic and environmental relevance: A novel single step synthesis of dinitrosylmolybdenum(0) complexes of {Mo(NO)2}6* electron configuration involving biologically active 8-roxyquinolinesulphonamides directly from molybdate(VI) and their characterizationMaurya, R C; Singh, A K; Rajput, SIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]551-555
Synthesis, spectral and electrochemical studies on Fe (III) and Mn (II) complexes with a tridentate ligand carrying pendant benzimidazolyl groupsNohria, Lata; Mathur, PavanIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]548-550
Dioxomolybdenum (VI) and dioxouranium (VI) complexes of tetradentate amidate ligandsMaurya, Mannar R; Singh, NehaIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]542-547
Synthesis of phenylan1ino bis(dichlorophosphine oxide) and its complexes with group 12 metalsPriya, Srinivasan; Balakrishna, Maravanji SIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]539-541
Synthesis and characterization of organogallium complexes derived from 2 (hydroxy)pyridine, 2-(hydroxy methyl)pyridine and 2-(2-hydroxy ethyl)pyridineKushwah, Nisha P; Dutta, Dimple P; Jain, Vimal KIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]535-538
Kinetics and mechanism of bromination of phenols by sodium bromate-sodium bisulphite reagent in water-acetonitrile mixtureViroopakshappa, J; Jagannadham, VIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]532-534
NMR studies of N-vinyl pyrrolidone / 4-vinyl pyridine copolymersHooda, Sunita; Kumar, Rajeev; Kaur, ManpreetIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]527-531
A study on heterobimetallic chemistry of polyfunctional bis(2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde) malonoyldihydrazone: Dioxouranium(VI),dioxomolybdenum(VI), zinc(II), copper(II), nickel(II) and cobalt(II) complexesLal, R A; Chakraborty, J; Kumar, A; Bhaumik, S; Nath, R K; Ghosh, DIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]516-526
Halogen oxidation of some diarylthiourea carbonyl complexes of chromium and molybdenumShrimal, A K; Nath, Amar; Srivastava, AmarIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]511-515
Viscosities and electrical conductances of some tetraalkylammonium and common ions in aqueous binary mixtures of N,N-dimethylacetamide at 298.15KDas, Debashis; Hazra, Dilip KIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]505-510
Liquid membrane phenomena: Degree of coupling and electrokinetic energy conversion m liquid membranes generated by Triton X-100Jain, Abhay K; Upadhyay, Jai PIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]494-504
Poly (o-toluidine-co-o-chloroaniline) copolymers: Effect of polymerization conditions on the properties of the copolymersSavitha, P; Sathyanarayana, D NIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]487-493
UV/visible luminescence from photo products in infrared multiphoton dissociation of acrylonitrilePushpa, K K; Kumar, Awadhesh; Naik, P D; Sapre, A VIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]481-486
Surface properties and catalytic activity for cyclohexanol decomposition of ceria loaded rutile and their sulphated analoguesBabu, J; Sunajadevi, K R; Sugunan, SIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]473-480
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23