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Title: Characterization techniques for nanotechnology applications in textiles
Authors: Joshi, M
Bhattacharyya, A
Ali, S Wazed
Keywords: Atomic force microscopy;Electron microscopy;Nanocomposite;Nanofibres;Nanomaterials;Particle size analyzer
Issue Date: Sep-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Nanoscience and nanotechnology are considered to be the key technologies for the current century. Efforts are being made worldwide to create smart and intelligent textiles by incorporating various nanoparticles or creating nanostructured surfaces and nanofibres which lead to unprecedented level of textile performance, such as stain resistant, self-cleaning, antistatic, UV protective, etc. However, there are many challenges in the research and development of nanotechnology based products. The precise control of nanoparticle size, size distribution, dispersion at nanolevel and deposition on textile substrate needs sophisticated characterization techniques, such as particle size analyzer, electron microscopy (SEM/TEM/HRTEM), atomic force microscopy, X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, X-ray photon spectroscopy, etc. This paper discusses the basic principle and applications of these instrumental techniques in the field of nanotechnology research in textiles.
Page(s): 304-317
ISSN: 0971-0426
Appears in Collections:IJFTR Vol.33(3) [September 2008]

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