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Aquo complexes of simple Cu+, Ag+ and Au+ ions and the acidities of metal aquo ions. A heat of hydration analysis and PM3 calculationsNaskar, Jnan Prakash; Datta, DipankarIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2202-2207
Enthalpy of dissolution of the complex Zn(Leu)SO4·l/2H2O (s)Di, You-Ying; Tan, Zhi-Cheng; Gao, Sheng-LiIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2274-2278
Corrosion and inhibition kinetics of PVA polymer on carbon steel in sulfuric acid solutionShukla, Jyotsna; Pitre, K SIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2270-2273
Photoreduction of congo red by ascorbic acid and EDTA over cadmium sulphide as photocatalystKothari, Shilpa; Vyas, Ritu; Ameta, Rakshit; Punjabi, Pinki BIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2266-2269
Photocatalytic degradation of phenol as a model pollutant by immobilized TiO2Thakarea, Sanjay R; Bhaveb, N SIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2262-2265
A simple reduction route to carbon hollow spheresHu, YucaiIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2259-2261
Transition metal complexes of cis-3,7 -dimethyl-2, 6-octadienthiosemicarbazone: Synthesis, characterization and biocidal studies†Sharma, Renu; Bansal, Anil K; Nagar, MeenaIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2255-2258
New lanthanide(III) complexes of biologically active 2,3-disubstituted quinazoline-4- (3 H)-one: Synthesis, characterization and biological studiesGudasi, K B; Shenoy, R V; Vadavi, R S; Patil, M S; Patil, SAIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2247-2254
Electrochemical characterization of polypyrrole/cobalt ferrite composite films for oxygen reductionMalviya, M; Singh, J P; Singh, R NIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2233-2239
Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of μ-phenoxodicopper complexes with bi-Schiff bases derived from α-amino acidsWei, Jun-Fa; Shi, Xian-YingIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2240-2246
Aqua pyridine complex of protoporphyrinato IX iron(III): Effect of ligand binding, surfactant concentration and proton coupling on redox potentialDas, Diganta Kumar; Medhi, Okhil KIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2228-2232
Stopped-flow kinetic investigations of one-electron transfer reactions of 4,4ʹ-diaminodiphenylmethane and its radical cation in aqueous solutionSankar, C; Aravindan, P; Anandan, S; Maruthamuthu, PIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2218-2227
Synthesis and structural characterization of cerium incorporated manganese oxide OMS-2 type catalystsJothiramalingam, R; Viswanathan, B; Varadarajan, T KIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2214-2217
Liquid phase benzylation over iron incorporated sulphated zirconia systemsSuja, H; Sugunan, SIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2208-2213
Electronic structure of seven component model protein chains: Effect of electron correlationKishor, Shyam; Bakhshi, A KIJC-A Vol.44A(11) [November 2005]2195-2201
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15