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Microwave Propagation Characteristics over Arid RegionSarkar, S K; Dutta, H N; Reddy, B M; Rao, D NarayanIJRSP Vol.12(5) [October 1983]169-173
Some Studies on Sunspots in relation to Hɑ-Flares & RadioburstsDas, T K; Gupta, M K Das; Sarkar, S KIJRSP Vol.10(5) [October 1981]203-205
Some observed characteristics of daily minimum of an LF signalDe, B K; Sarkar, S KIJRSP Vol.26(2) [April 1997]99-106
Spectral Characteristics of the Gaighata Tornado of 12 Apr. 1983Saha, Anupam; De, B K; Sarkar, S KIJRSP Vol.13(3) [June 1984]98-102
Comparison of the outage probabilities of some prediction methods with the observed probability of a digital microwave link in western IndiaPrasad, M V S N; Sarkar, S K; Sarma, A DIJRSP Vol.27(4) [August 1998]141-143
Radioclimatological effects on correlation bandwidth of transhorizon microwave communication linkSarkar, S K; Dutta, H N; Prasad, M V S N; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.21(2) [April 1992]129-133
Radio Refractivity Gradient in Lower Troposphere & Its Influence on Transhorizon Radiowave PropagationMajumdar, S C; Sarkar, S K; Karfa, MIJRSP Vol.05(4) [December 1976]281-284
Centimetre and millimeter wave attenuation due to rainfall on earth-space path over DelhiSarkar, S K; Ahmed, Iqbal; Prasad, M V S N; Dutta, H N; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.22(6) [December 1993]369-373
Comparison of rain attenuation prediction method for earth-space paths over northern IndiaPrasad, M V S N; Sarkar, S K; Sain, Mangal; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.23(2) [April 1994]135-141
Effects of solar 10.7 cm radio flux and solar magnetic field on low frequency signal propagationDe, B K; Sarkar, S KIJRSP Vol.23(3) [June 1994]213-216