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Electrochemical generation of silver nanowiresLin, Xiangqin; Wang, ShuqingIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]1016-1018
Pt-Ru electrodeposition on nanofibrous poly aniline and their electrocatalytic properties for methanol oxidationZhou, H H; Ning, X H; Chen, J H; Wei, W Z; Kuang, Y FIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]1009-1015
Kelvin probe force microscopy study on anodization-related variations of porous silicon nanostructures combined with photoluminescence and Raman scatteringHe, Ping; Li, JinghongIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]1001-1008
Preparation, characterization and electrocatalytic activity of phosphomolybdic acid embedded organic-inorganic nanocompositesShanmugam, S; Viswanathan, B; Varadarajan, T KIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]994-1000
Interactions between DNA and metal chelates at nanometer scale interfaceBi, Yan-Hua; Liang, Bin; Huang, Zhen-Li; Zhao, Yuan-Di; Gao, Zuo-NingIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]989-993
Novel Li-ion polymer batteries using LiFePO4 as positive electrodeZaghi, K; Charest, P; Guerfi, A; Veillette, R; Petitclerc, MIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]983-988
Nano Si/G composite anode in Li ion battery for aerospace applicationsKasavajjula, Uday S; Wang, ChunshengIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]975-982
Proximity-induced superconductivity, spin entanglement and Luttinger liquid in carbon nanotubes prepared in alumina templatesTakesue, I; Haruyama, J; Kobayashi, NIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]968-974
Kinetic evaluation of the standard rate constant from cyclic voltammetric data at SWCNT -modified tungsten microelectrodesCurulli, A; Valentini, F; Orlanducci, S; Terranova, M LIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]956-967
Functionalization of carbon nanotubes for direct electrochemistry of horseradish peroxidaseZheng, Wei; Li, Qingfen; Yan, Yiming; Su, Lei; Mao, LanqunIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]950-955
Differential pulse voltammetric determination of uric acid at nanogold modified indium tin oxide (ITO) electrodeGoyal, Rajendra N; Oyama, Munetaka; Sangal, Aditi; Singh, Sudhanshu PIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]945-949
Electrochemical responses on gold nanoparticles directly attached indium tin oxide electrodes fabricated using a 'touch' seed-mediated growth methodUmar, Akrajas Ali; Oyamah, MunetakaIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]938-944
Electrodeposition of gold nanorods with a uni-directional crystal growth and lower Au(111) facets areaGao, Feifei; El-Deab, Mohamed S; Ohsaka, TakeoIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]932-937
Electrochemical characterisation of ultrathin carbon nanofiber-chitosan multi-layer filmsMurphy, Maria A; Wilcox, Geoff D; Dahm, Ralf H; Marken, FrankIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]924-931
Development of electrocatalysts for direct alcohol fuel cellsJiang, Luhua; Song, Shuqin; Zhou, Zhenhua; Yan, Shiyou; Li, Huanqiao; Sun, Gongquan; Zhou, Bing; Xin, QinIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]913-923
Atomistic aspects of electrochemical alloy formation: A review of nucleation and growth of nano-clusters and thin filmsMilchev, Alexander; Staikov, GeorgiIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]899-912
Electrochemistry at nanoelectrodesWu, Yunhua; Hu, ShengshuiIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]891-898
Advances in magnesium electrochemistry — A challenge for nanomaterialsAurbach, Doron; Gofer, Yossi; Chusid, Orit; Levi, Elena; Levi, Mikhail D; Vestfrid, Yulia; Gizbar, Haim; Lancry, EliIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]875-890
Nanomaterials and electrochemistry — A review on some less familiar aspectsMalik, Wahid U; Goyal, Rajendra NIJC-A Vol.44A(05) [May 2005]861-874
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19