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Cellulose acetate based thorium (IV) phosphate as a new and novel hybrid fibrous cation exchanger: Synthesis, characterization and thermal analysisVarshney, K G; Drabik, M; Agrawal, ArunIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]2045-2047
Synthesis and characterization of cobalt (II) complexes of chromen-2-one-3-carboxy hydrazide and 2-(chromen-2'-onyl)-5-(aryl) 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivativesMathew, Glory; Suseelan, M S; Krishnan, RIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]2040-2044
Synthesis and luminescence spectral properties of europium (III) and terbium (III) complexes with a new Schiff base ligand N,Nʹ,Nʹʹ-tri-(2,4-dihydroxyl-acetophenone)tri aminotriethylamineYang, T L; Qin, W WIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]2035-2039
Viscosity behaviour of poly(caprolacton-dimethyl methacrylate) / poly(ethylene glycol) blends in various solventsYilmaz, Sevil Savaskan; Kul, Dilek; Usta, Asu; Ozturk, Temel; Misir, MuratIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]2031-2034
Electromotive force studies associated with the binding of two cationic surfactants and their mixture to poly (ethylene glycol), poly (vinyl alcohol) and (vinyl acetate-ethylene) copolymerGhoreishi, Sayed Mehdi; Behpour, Mohsen; Ebrahimi, ForoghIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]2026-2030
Coenzyme B12 model studies: Electronic and steric trans effects of cobaloximesNavaneetha, N; Satyanarayana, SIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]2021-2025
Synthesis and characterization of titania nanoparticles by microemulsion processLin, Ping; Xian, Chun-ying; Mao, Zhi -ping; Zhu, Quan; Chen, Xiao-li; Zheng, Li-minIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]2017-2020
Surface modification of granular activated carbon by nitric acid for the enhancement of copper adsorptionSatapathy, D; Natarajan, G SIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]2011-2016
Synthesis and characterization of ternary carboxylato complexes of cobalt(II) with Schiff basesBaranwal, Balram Prasad; Singh, Atresh Kumar; Fatma, Talat; Gupta, TarkeshwarIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]2006-2010
Antifertility and antimicrobial activities of palladium and platinum complexes of 6-nitro-3-(indolin-2-one) hydrazine carbothioamide and 6-nitro-3-(indolin-2-one)hydrazinecarboxamideBiyala, Mukesh Kumar; Fahmi, Nighat; Singh, R VIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]1999-2005
Cu K-absorption near edge studies on diethylenetriamine mixed ligand copper (II) complexes in solid state and in aqueous solutionJoshi, S K; Sharma, P K; Shrivastava, B D; Mishra, A; Pandeya, K BIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]1994-1998
Synthesis and structural characterisation of two Mn(II) complexes with 2,4,6-tris(2-pyridyl)-l ,3,5 -triazine ligand: Effect of weak interactions in their packing diagramsDas, Anamika; Pilet, Guillaume; Mitra, SamiranIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]1988-1993
Structure investigation of 2-hydroxy ethyl methacrylate and styrene copolymers by NMR spectroscopyBrar, A S; Hooda, Sunita; Goyal, Ashok KumarIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]1981-1987
Assessing the distribution of π- electrons into rings of phenylenesFurtula, Boris; Gutman, IvanIJC-A Vol.45A(09) [September 2006]1977-1980
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 14 of 14