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Title: Structural and optical studies on texture LiNbO₃ thin film on (0001) sapphire
Authors: Shandilya, Swati
Sreenivas, K
Katiyar, R S
Gupta, Vinay
Issue Date: Aug-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: In this work, c-axis oriented lithium niobate thin film has been deposited on Sapphire single crystal substrate by pulse laser deposition. X-ray diffraction showed only reflections corresponding to (006) and (0012) planes of LiNbO₃ on (001) sapphire substrate, indicating that growth of texture LiNbO₃ film on sapphire. The estimated value of c-axis lattice parameter is found to be 1.36 nm and is close to the value reported for LiNbO₃ single crystal. Optical properties of films has been studied using UV-Vis spectrophotometer and the estimated value of refractive index at 640 nm is n = 1.76 nm. A slight dispersion in the refractive index has been observed with photon energy below the interband absorption edge. Raman scattering studies made on prepared sample in the back scattering geometry with incident light normal to the film surface in Z(X+Y,X+Y)Z⁻ configuration indicate the formation of single phase material and free from any type of lattice defects.
Page(s): 355-357
ISSN: 0971-4588
Appears in Collections: IJEMS Vol.15(4) [August 2008]

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