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Title: SHI irradiation induced nano scale surface micro-relief’s in the polar (010) cleavage of pure and doped TGS crystals
Authors: Bajpai, P K
Shah, Deepak
Kumar, Ravi
Issue Date: Aug-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: The resulting image topology change as a function of irradiation is analyzed. The smooth surface of pure TGS shows pits and protrusions when irradiated with SHI beam. The height and dimensions of these micro-reliefs vary with ion beam fluence as well as with doping. The height of the pits changes from 20 nm to roughly 70 nm from pure TGS to 15% alanine doped TGS. Observed micro-relief is analyzed considering the lamellar domain structure of TGS. The domain movement induced by the internal bias field created due to irradiation results into piezoelectric compression and stretching forming these features on the surface. The results are used to calculate the internal field developed due to irradiation using the d33 and height of pits formed as reported earlier. The calculated values of internal fields are of the same order as that obtained from hysteresis measurements. This demonstrates that swift heavy ion beam irradiation could be used as a tool to modify the surface nano structures.
Page(s): 334-342
ISSN: 0971-4588
Appears in Collections: IJEMS Vol.15(4) [August 2008]

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