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In vitro Shoot Regeneration from Leaf and Nodal Explants of Enicostemma hyssopifolium (Willd.) Verd.— A Vulnerable Medicinal PlantSeetharam, Y N; Barad, Aravind; Chalegeri, Gururaj; Jyothishwaran, G; Ghanti, Kiran S; Bhakri, VenugopalIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]401-404
Differentiation of Indian Isolates of Equine Herpes Virus (EH V-1) by Restriction Endonuclease DigestionSingh, Birendra K; Gulati, B R; Poonia, BIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]397-400
Comparative Study on Transformation of Azo Dyes by Different White Rot FungiVerma, Pradeep; Madamwar, DattaIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]393-396
Diagnostic Tests on the Mode of Ligand Binding to proteins: Application to Zymomonas mobilis StrainsPapamichael, E M; Koukkou, A-I; Douka, E; Vartholomatos, G; Masavetas, K A; Drainas, CIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]386-392
Rosmarinic Acid Synthesis in Shoot Cultures of Mentha arvensis Linn.Phatak, Savita V; Heble, Mohan RIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]381-385
PCR based Re-amplification Step for Detection and Characterization of Fluorescent Pseudomonads by ARDRAKumar, M; Goel, S K; Goel, ReetaIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]377-380
Piriformospora indica — in vitro Raised Leguminous Plants : A New Dimension in Establishment and Phyto-promotionSingh, Archana; Singh, Anjana; Varma, AjitIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]372-376
Influence of Ammonium Nitrate on Plant Regeneration in Indica Rice (Oryza sativa Linn.)Sahrawat, Ashok Kumar; Chand, SureshIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]367-371
Dac-Elisa Technique for Early Detection of Red Rot Pathogen in Sugarcane var. CoC 671Hiremath, Lingayya; Naik, G RIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]363-366
Morphological Changes in Submerged Cultivation of Aspergillus awamori for Glucoamylase ProductionDaniel, David K; Biswas, Nabanita; Das, DebabrataIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]357-362
Sequence Conservation in the Coat Protein Gene of Tobacco streak virus Isolates Causing Necrosis Disease in Cotton, Mung bean, Sunflower and Sunn-hemp in IndiaBhat, A I; Jain, R K; Chaudhary, V; Reddy, M Krishna; Ramiah, M; Chattannavar, S N; Varmas, AIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]350-356
Factors Influencing GUS Expression in Cucumber (Cucumis sativus Linn.)Vasudevan, A; Ganapathi, A; Selvaraj, N; Vengadesan, GIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]344-349
Effective Protocol for Agrobacterium-mediated Leaf Disc Transformation in Tomato (Lycopersicon esculetum Mill.)­­­­­ψPatil, R S; Davey, M R; Power, J B; Cocking, E CIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]339-343
Trends in Immobilized Enzyme and Cell TechnologyD'Souza, S FIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]321-338
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 14 of 14