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Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies: Attractions and ChallengesKhanna, NavinIJBT Vol.01(1) [January 2002]50-57
Biotechnology — The Interface between Agri-resources and the ConsumerPrakash, VIJBT Vol.01(1) [January 2002]121-124
Electrostatic Interactions, Phase Separation Behaviour and Partitioning of Proteins in Polyelectrolyte Based Aqueous Two-Phase SystemsGupta, Vandana; Nath, Sunil; Chand, SubhashIJBT Vol.01(1) [January 2002]87-95
Role of Disulfide Bridges in Structure-Activity Relationship of Plant Lipases from Wheat germ and Rice branGopalakrishna, K N; Kaul, Purnima; Kumar, P Ramesh; Prakash, VIJBT Vol.01(2) [April 2002]188-196
Bioinformatics: Advancing Biotechnology through Information Technology Part I: Molecular Biology DatabasesAdak, Sudeshna; Srivastava, BiplavIJBT Vol.01(1) [January 2002]101-116
Antigenic Differentiation of Equine Herpes Virus-l (EHV-1) Isolates of Indian Origin using Monoclonal AntibodiesSingh, B K; Gulati, B R; Tewari, S C; Yadav, M PIJBT Vol.01(2) [April 2002]170-174
Efficacy of a Rock Phosphate Based Soil Implant Formulation of Phosphobacteria in Soybean (Glycine max Merrill)Viveganandan, G; Jauhri, K SIJBT Vol.01(2) [April 2002]180-187
Sequence Conservation in the Coat Protein Gene of Tobacco streak virus Isolates Causing Necrosis Disease in Cotton, Mung bean, Sunflower and Sunn-hemp in IndiaBhat, A I; Jain, R K; Chaudhary, V; Reddy, M Krishna; Ramiah, M; Chattannavar, S N; Varmas, AIJBT Vol.01(4) [October 2002]350-356
Mass Cultivation of Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki in Fed-Batch Culture for High Spore Count and Improved Insecticidal ActivityBihari, Vinod; Tripathi, C K M; Sur, Banani; Liu, W M; Bajpai, RakeshIJBT Vol.01(2) [April 2002]205-208
Micropropagation of Salvadora persica Linn. via Cotyledonary NodesMathur, Sujata; Shekhawat, Gyan Singh; Batra, AmlaIJBT Vol.01(2) [April 2002]197-200