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Title: Dielectric properties of In-Se-Te glassy alloys
Authors: Maan, A S
Goyal, D R
Issue Date: Apr-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: In this paper, the dielectric properties of In₄₀SexTe₆₀₋x glassy alloys (x = 10, 20 & 30) have been reported. These measurements are carried out as a function of temperature and frequency in the range 120-350 K and 0.1-10 kHz respectively. The frequency and temperature dependence of dielectric constant Ɛ΄ and dielectric loss Ɛ΄΄ is almost similar in nature in all the alloys and the experimental results indicate that dielectric dispersion sets in at temperature exceeding 150 K and is more prominent at lower frequencies. Ɛ΄ and Ɛ΄΄ values as a function of temperature and frequency are maximum for x = 20 alloy, though similar behaviour is observed in all the samples. The experimental results seem to be explained in terms of the theory of dielectric dispersion based on two electrons hopping over a potential barrier. The frequency dependence of dielectric loss in present set of glasses at a fixed temperature is in good agreement with theory of dielectric dispersion.
Page(s): 207-210
ISSN: 0971-4588
Appears in Collections:IJEMS Vol.15(2) [April 2008]

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