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Title: Impedance analysis of (Na₀․₅Bi₀․₅)(Zr₀․₂₅Ti₀․₇₅)O₃ ceramic
Authors: Lily
Kumari, K
Prasad, K
Choudhary, R N P
Keywords: (Na₀․₅Bi₀․₅)(Zr₀․₂₅Ti₀․₇₅)O₃;Impedance spectroscopy;Dielectric relaxation;Conductivity.
Issue Date: Apr-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: (Na₀․₅Bi₀․₅)(Zr₀․₂₅Ti₀․₇₅)O₃, having perovskite-type orthorhombic structure, is prepared using via high-temperature solid-state reaction technique. The electrical behaviour has been assessed by electric modulus, pseudo Cole-Cole, and ac conductivity analyses. Electric modulus and pseudo Cole-Cole analyses indicated the dielectric relaxation to be of non-Debye type. The electrical conductivity studies showed the negative temperature coefficient of resistance character of (Na₀․₅Bi₀․₅)(Zr₀․₂₅Ti₀․₇₅)O₃. The ac conductivity is found to obey the universal power law and correlated barrier hopping model is found to successfully explain the electrical conduction in the system.
Page(s): 147-151
ISSN: 0971-4588
Appears in Collections:IJEMS Vol.15(2) [April 2008]

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