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Title: Myeloperoxidase activity in infection complicated and uninfected diabetic patients
Authors: Suchithra, T V
Zuhara, K F
Keywords: Myeloperoxidase;Diabetes mellitus
Issue Date: Jun-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: The activity of myeloperoxidase (MPO) in the blood and tissue neutrophils of three groups viz., Group I: patients of diabetes mellitus (DM) without infection and related complications; Group II: patients of DM with infections and related complications, and Group III: non-diabetic normal persons as control subjects was estimated to find out the influence of the MPO status on the occurrence of diabetes and also on the infection and related complications found in some of these patients. Group III category showed the highest blood MPO compared to the two diabetic groups (P<0.001). Group II patients exhibited higher MPO activity than group I (P<0.001). The study revealed that increase in MPO in group II was achieved both by increased production of the enzyme at cellular level and also of leukocytes in the system. Estimation of MPO in infected tissue was performed in group II in relation to the histological features and compared with group III, as an index of neutrophil infiltration to the infected sites. Tissue MPO was found higher in group II than group III subjects. Histological analysis revealed that the elevated MPO in infected cases was due to the increased neutrophil infiltration to the infected site. Blood sugar status, diabetic management measures, wound healing ability etc. of diabetic patients was also studied in relation to MPO. MPO activity was higher in normal subjects having normal sugar. In group II, MPO was low in the uncontrolled sugar group compared to the controlled, and in group I vice versa. Insulin-treated diabetic patients showed higher MPO activity than drug-treated and combined therapy groups. Also, patients with healing impairment showed comparatively high MPO activity.
Page(s): 179-183
ISSN: 0301-1208
Appears in Collections: IJBB Vol.45(3) [June 2008]

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