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Title: Partial molar volume and ultrasonic studies of cobalt (III) complexes in aqueous and binary aqueous media at different temperatures
Authors: Dash, U N
Roy, G S
Mohanty, S
Issue Date: Dec-2002
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: Studies of apparent molar volume have been made in the solutions of trans- bis (1,2-diaminoethane) (amino-carboxylato) halogeno cobalt (III) complexes containing the carboxylato-bonded aminoacids, e.g. glycine, α-alanine and β-alanine in water, water+acetone (5,10 & 20 wt %) and water+alcohol (5 wt % each of methanol, ethanol and n-propanol) mixtures at 298.15, 303.15, 308.15 and 313.15 K to evaluate apparent molar properties. Studies of ultrasonic velocity have also been made for the solutions of these complexes in these solvents at 303.15, 308.15 and 313.15 K to evaluate various acoustic parameters. The results are discussed in the light of ion-ion and ion-solvent interactions and of structural effects of the solvent in solutions.
Page(s): 2507-2513
ISSN: 0975-0975(Online); 0376-4710(Print)
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.41A(12) [December 2002]

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