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Schiff base derivatives of tungsten carbonylSrivastava, Amar; Shrimal, A KIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]785-790
Synthesis and characterization of niobium(V) complexes with terdentate ONO donor hydrazonesNaik, V M; Mallur, N BIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]780-784
Synthesis, characterization and redox behaviour of camphorquinone monooximate complexes of osmium(II), -(III) and -(IV)Bose, Doyel; Rahaman, Hafijur; Das, Pradyut Kumar; Sinha, Chittaranjan; Ghosh, Barindra KumarIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]774-779
Mixed-ligand complexes of cobalt(II) and nickel(II) with 2-sulphanylbenzothiazolate and (N,N) chelating ligandsSingh, Nanhai; Gupta, SushmitaIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]771-773
Synthesis and characterization of copper (II) and nickel(II) arylcarboxylate complexes with cyanopyridinesBajju, G DIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]767-770
Bioinorganic studies on Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) tellurite complexes with 2,2'-bipyridyl ligandGupta, Chitra; Goutam, R KIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]763-766
Kinetic solvent effects on reaction rates for the acidic hydrolysis of dihydroxamic acidGhosh, Kallol K; Patle, S KIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]758-762
Macrocycles-Catalysts for autooxidation of thiolsSingh, Randhir; Kumar, PankajIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]756-757
Partial molal volume and partial molal compressibility of polyethylene glycol in waterPuri, A K; Soni, N K; Pandey, Amit; Sharma, Ashish KIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]751-755
Conductance studies of alkali iodides in mixed organic solvents II: Conductance measurements in N, N-dimethylformamide-ethanol mixed solventsIzonfuo, Welford-Abbey Lolo; Obunwo, Charles Chuku; Chukunda, Gideon ObinuchiIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]746-750
Synthesis and characterisation of ruthenium(III) complexes containing dibasic tetradentate Schiff basesThangadurai, T Daniel; Natarajan, KIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]741-745
Synthesis, characterization and crystal structure of dichlorobis(N6–furfuryladeninium) copper(II) chloride† Umadevi, B; Stanley, N; Muthiah, P Thomas; Varghese, BIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]737-740
Synthesis and characterization of mixed aromatic-aliphatic polyamidesShukla, Utkarsh; Mathakiya, Ismail; Rakshit, Animesh KumarIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]730-736
Reactivity ratio determination and complete spectral assignment of 4-vinyl pyridine-ethyl acrylate copolymer by NMR spectroscopyHooda, SunitaIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]723-729
Studies on reactions of organic bases and nucleophiles with bis-(p-nitrophenyl) methylphosphonothionate Saxena, Sherali; PurnanandIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]718-722
Kinetics of substitution of aqua ligands from cis-diaqua (ethylenediamine)platinum(II) perchlorate by guanosine in aqueous medium Sengupta, Partha S; Sinha, Ramanath; Bera, Sujit K; De, Gauri SIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]712-717
Excess molar volumes and viscosities of binary mixtures of diethylene glycol dibutyl ether with chloroalkanes at 298.15KPal, Amalendu; Bhardwaj, Rakesh KumarIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]706-711
Structure and vanadium 3d1 polaron dynamics in the V2O5-P2O5-M2O (M=Li, Na, K) glasses Oas, B B; Santhosh, U; Poongothai, S PIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]701-705
Effect of vanadia on physico-chemical and catalytic characteristics of dysprosiaSugunan, S; Renuka, N KIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]692-700
Determination of pair-interaction potential function for O2-O2 from viscosity data of gases Haghighi, Behzad; Najafi, MohsenIJC-A Vol.41A(04) [April 2002]687-691
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20