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Title: Biosorption of Cu(II) by immobilized biomass of Bacillus cereus M¹₁₆ from aqueous solution
Authors: Chatterjee, Abhijit
Ray, Lalitagauri
Keywords: Biosorption;Copper;Immobilized biomass
Issue Date: Aug-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Biosorption of Cu(II) ion from aqueous solution was studied using Bacillus cereus M1 16 immobilized in calcium alginate and agar agar gel in batch mode. Uptake of metal was very fast initially and equilibrium was attained within 240 min. Sorption data conformed well to both Freundlich and Langmuir isotherm model. Highest Cu(II) uptake (87.32%) by selected biomass (3.09 g/l, dry wt) immobilized in 3% calcium alginate occurred at 30°C, 120 rpm when initial copper concentration was 50 mg/l.
Page(s): 629-634
ISSN: 0022-4456
Appears in Collections: JSIR Vol.67(08) [August 2008]

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