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Studies on kinetic behaviour of colloidal dispersion of Mg-Al hydrotalcite-like compoundsJin, Z L; Hou, W G; Sun, D J; Zhang, C GIJC-A Vol.45A(03) [March 2006]609-613
Synthetic, spectroscopic and electrochemical behaviour of biomimetic copper(II) complex with CuN4 chromophorePatel, R N; Singh, Nripendra; Gundla, V L NIJC-A Vol.45A(03) [March 2006]614-618
Refractometric and dielectric studies of binary liquid mixtures at different temperaturesPandey, J D; Chhabra, Jyotsna; Soni, N K; Tiwari, K K; Mishra, R KIJC-A Vol.45A(03) [March 2006]653-656
Cyclic voltammetry of Ga(III) in sodium perchlorate and sodium thiocyanate at static mercury drop electrodeSharma, H S; Bhardwaj, T K; Jain, P C; Aggarwal, S KIJC-A Vol.45A(03) [March 2006]643-647
Mercury(II) ion sensing with PVC-matrix based membrane sensorsMahajan, Rakesh Kumar; Kaur, Ravneet; Lobana, Tarlok SIJC-A Vol.45A(03) [March 2006]639-642
Kinetic and mechanistic study of oxidative degradation of isonicotinate ion by diperiodatonickelate(IV) in aqueous alkaline mediumMahesh, R T; Bellakki, M B; Nandibewoor, S TIJC-A Vol.45A(03) [March 2006]587-592
Conjugated organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cellsGiribabu, L; Chandrasekheram, M; Kantham, M Lakshmi; Reddy, V Gopal; Satyanarayana, D; Rao, O S; Reddy, P YellaIJC-A Vol.45A(03) [March 2006]629-634
Pd(II) catalysed and Hg(II) co-catalysed oxidation of D-arabinose and D-ribose by N-bromoacetamide in perchloric acid medium: A kinetic and mechanistic studySingh, Ashok Kumar; Singh, Vineeta; Ashish; Srivastava, JayaIJC-A Vol.45A(03) [March 2006]599-608
Binuclear and tetranuclear dioxouranium(VI), zinc(II) and copper(II) complexes derived from bis(2-hydroxy -1-naphthaldehyde )malonoyldihydrazoneLal, R A; Basumatary, D; Chakraborti, J; Bhaumik, S; Kumar, AIJC-A Vol.45A(03) [March 2006]619-628
Determination of Pd(II) with flame atomic absorption spectrometry after flow injection on-line microcolumn preconcentration and separation with thiourea-formaldehyde resin immobilized silica gel as packingPeng, Liu; Xiongzhi, Wu; Qiaosheng, Pu; Zhixing, SuIJC-A Vol.45A(03) [March 2006]635-638