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Title: Reaction of ethyl cyanoacetate with benzal-4-acetylanilines: An unexpected result
Authors: Sidhu, Anjali
Rai, Mangat
Keywords: 4-Aminoacetophenone;Ethyl cyanoacetate;Benzal-4-acetylanilines;Ethyl benzalcyanoacetate;Benzaldehydes
Issue Date: May-2008
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Reaction of ethyl cyanoacetate with benzal-4-acetylanilines 1a-10a, the compounds containing both azomethine and ketone linkages, in equimolar ratio, in the presence of pyridine yields solid products, which have been characterized as ethyl benzalcyanoacetate and its derivatives 1b-10b on the basis of elemental analysis and spectral studies. The reaction of 1a-10a with two moles of ethyl cyanoacetate also results in the formation of the same products 1b-10b, by an unexpected attack of ethyl cyanoacetate on azomethine linkage only rather than on both the reactive centres i.e. carbon-nitrogen double bond and carbon-oxygen double bond.
Page(s): 778-780
ISSN: 0376-4699
Appears in Collections:IJC-B Vol.47B(05) [May 2008]

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