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Analysis of rectangular waveguide with quadruple groove using finite element methodChaudhari, Ajay SIJRSP Vol.31(3) [June 2002]162-165
Approximate derivation of self-exciting whistler-mode sideband wave frequenciesIkeda, MIJRSP Vol.31(3) [June 2002]121-129
Equatorial geomagnetic and ionospheric effects of substormsSastri, J HanumathIJRSP Vol.31(6) [December 2002]309-320
In situ measurements of electron density and electric field fluctuations over low latitudes during equatorial spread-FSinha, H S S; Rajesh, P KIJRSP Vol.31(6) [December 2002]321-336
Finite element analysis of rectangular waveguide with inclined cornersChaudhari, Ajay; Patil, P BIJRSP Vol.31(1) [February 2002]56-59
Electric fields due to lateral corona currentSingh, M P; Rai, Jagdish; Tomar, J SIJRSP Vol.31(1) [February 2002]21-27
Free air carbon dioxide enrichment facility development for crop experimentsMaini, H K; Tiwari, M K; Bahl, Madhu; John, Thomas; Chopra, P; Singh, Dhan; Yadav, V S; Anand, J R; Poddar, H N; Mitra, A P; Garg, S C; Uprety, D C; Shrivastava, G C; Saxena, D C; Dwivedi, Neeta; Mohan, Rajat; Miglietta, Franco; Zaldei, AlessandroIJRSP Vol.31(6) [December 2002]404-409
Considerations for methane mitigation from Indian paddy fieldsParashar, D C; Bhattacharya, SumanaIJRSP Vol.31(6) [December 2002]369-375
Simulation of marine boundary layer characteristics over the Indian Ocean during INDOEX-IFP' 99Mohanty, U C; Sam, N V; Satyanarayana, A N V; Basu, SwatiIJRSP Vol.31(6) [December 2002]376-390
Space weather research in India: An overviewLakhina, G S; Alex, SIJRSP Vol.31(6) [December 2002]337-348