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Neutron spin structure function and its precise evaluationGanesamurthy, K; Sathyamurthy, MIJPAP Vol.37(05) [May 1999]363-365
Determination of the optical constants and thickness of a thin film on a substrate - An alternative to the envelope methodBasu, A; Verma, B S; Bhattacharyya, RIJPAP Vol.37(05) [May 1999]421-430
α-ln σ Plots in thermoelectric semiconductorsBhandari, C MIJPAP Vol.37(05) [May 1999]434-435
Precise energies of the 8 (L2O1) and Lβ7(L3O1) X-ray lines of rare-earth elementsMisra, U D; Mathew, S; Gokhale, B GIJPAP Vol.37(05) [May 1999]431-433
Structural, optical and (photo)electrochemical properties of electrodeposited Cd-Zn-Se thin filmsRajpure, K Y; Bamane, S M; Lokhande, C D; Bhosale, C HIJPAP Vol.37(05) [May 1999]413-420
Magnetic susceptibility of barium hydrogen phosphate (BHP)Arora, S K; Trivedi, T RIJPAP Vol.37(05) [May 1999]411-412
Transmission interferometric method for the evaluation of dielectric parameters of low loss liquids at microwave frequenciesKhanna, R K; Upadhyay, S KIJPAP Vol.37(05) [May 1999]404-410
Thermal quenching of fracto-induced mechano luminescence emission in (ZnS:ZnO):Cu phosphorsMuraleedharan, R; Khokhar, M S K; Chandra, B PIJPAP Vol.37(05) [May 1999]399-403
Growth and characterization of cadmium oxalate crystals using agar gelAgarwal, B P; Chauhan, K M; Bhadbhade, Mohan MIJPAP Vol.37(05) [May 1999]395-398
Sprayed CuO film on glass and aluminium substrates for photothermal applicationAfify, H H; Demian, S E; Helal, M A; Mahmoud, F AIJPAP Vol.37(05) [May 1999]379-383
Design studies of INDUS-2 storage ring lattice using the code ESROSahoo, Gajendra Kumar; Singh, GurnamIJPAP Vol.37(05) [May 1999]371-378
Chemically prepared Cd1-xZnxSe thin films: A correlation between compositional and structural analysisSutrave, S; Shahane, S; Patil, V B; Deshmukh, L PIJPAP Vol.37(05) [May 1999]384-394
Ultrasonic velocity, viscosity and density studies in binary mixtures of dimethyl formamide and ethylmethylketone at different temperaturesSyal, V K; Patial, Baljeet S; Chauhan, SIJPAP Vol.37(05) [May 1999]366-370
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13