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Preparation and characterization of Li1.1Mn2O4/polymer electrolyte/graphite cellChandrasekaran, R; Selladurai, S; Kalpana, D; Manoravi, PIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]345-348
Polymer electrolytes containing fluoride ion conducting saltsSekhon, S SIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]331-333
Theory of point defect energetics: A reviewMurti, Y.V.G .S.; Banhatti, Radha DIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]285-293
Ion transport in metasilicate based new gel system : x Na2SiO3 + (100-x) NH4BF4Srivastava, Ritu; Rai, D K; Chandra, SIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]272-275
New Na +-glass -Na2CO3 composites for solid state electrochemical CO2 gas sensorSingh, K; Bhoga, S SIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]259-261
Growth and characterisation of CIS solar cellsKumar, S RIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]356-358
Sol-gel technology in electrochromic devicesAgnihotry, S AIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]313-317
Effect of mixed doping salts in silver ion conducting glassesSekhon, S SIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]282-284
Dielectric properties of the system Ca1-xLaxSn1-x CoxO3Mandal, K D; Sastry, M S; Parkash, OmIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]276-278
Ion conducting glasses for solid state electrochemical applicationsSingh, KamalIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]266-271
dc Polarisation: An experimental tool in the study of ionic conductorsAgrawal, Rakesh ChandraIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]294-301
Structural and electrical properties of superionic NaXZO6 ( X = Nb, Ta; Z = Mo, W) ceramicsKar, Tanika; Choudhary, R N PIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]279-281
Investigation on Ag2SO4:La2(SO4)3 binary systemSingh, K; Anwane, S W; Bhoga, S SIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]255-258
Integrated GUI based software for data acquisition and analysis of electrochemical gas sensorsSingh, K; Khadakkar, P; Bhoga, S SIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]349-352
Cuprous halides: Old facts and new developmentsSunandana, C S; Saraswathi, Y L; Kumar, P SenthilIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]325-330
Polarization/self-depolarization studies on Ag+ ion conducting quenched [0.75AgI:0.25AgCl] mixed system/solid solutionAgrawal, R C; Gupta, R K; Verma, Mohan L; Sharma, A RIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]235-238
Studies on polarisation/self depolarisation on Ag + ion conducting borate glass system : 0.7[O.75AgI:0.25AgCl]:0.3[Ag2O:B2O3]Agrawal, R C; Kumar, R; Verma, M L; Dasgupta, PIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]338-340
Measurement of ionic conductivity of some electrolytes, polyelectrolytes and complexes in solid stateSarma, N Sen; Dass, N NIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]321-324
Proton exchange mechanism of synthesizing CdS quantum dots in nafionNandakumar, P; Vijayan, C; Murti, Y V G S; Dhanalakshmi, K; Sundararajan, GIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]239-241
Investigation of Ag2SO4:MSO4 (M = Zn, Ni, Co and Cu) binary systems from SO2 gas sensor view pointBhoga, S S; Borkar, P D; Singh, KIJPAP Vol.37(04) [April 1999]252-254
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31