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Title: Ethnobotanical uses of genus Pinus L. (Pinaceae) in Turkey
Authors: Kızılarslan, Çağla
Sevg, Ece
Keywords: Pinus;Ethnobotany;Comparative analyses;Turkey
Issue Date: Apr-2013
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
IPC Code: Int. Cl.8: A61K 36/00, A47G 19/26, A47J 39/02, A61D, A61B, C09B, C09B 61/00, D06P, D06B, B25, A01D 11/00, A01D 7/00, A01D 13/00, A01D 6/00
Abstract:     Pinus brutia Ten., Pinus halepensis Mill., Pinus nigra Arnold, Pinus pinea L. and Pinus sylvestris L. forests cover approximately 10.91 million hectares area in Turkey. Since there are a lot of settlements inside or near these wide Pinus forest lands, the usages of Pinus species are very common among local people. Within this paper, 130 ethnobotanical and traditional medicinal studies published up to 2011 which were dealed different areas of Turkey are examined and the usages of Pinus species are compiled from 54 of them. It has 269 records that are to be proof of the wide range of ethnobotanical usages of pines. Due P. halepensis has a narrow distribution, the records about ethnobotanical usage of it does not exist in the investigated literature.
    Particularly medicinal use of pines is the most prominent way of their utilization. It is stated in the literature that the uppermost medicinal usage of Pinus species is for respiratory system diseases. They are also used as food, veterinary medicine, dye, firewood, handycrafts, etc.
    P. brutia and P. nigra have the widest distribution area in Turkey and ethnobotanical usages of them are found more than other species according to indexes obtained with Shannon-Wiener index system.
Page(s): 209-220
ISSN: 0975-1068 (Online); 0972-5938 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJTK Vol.12(2) [April 2013]

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