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Effect of capsicum annum on the inhibition of growth of cholesterol crystalsGeorge, Thomas T; Pillai, K MohananIJPAP Vol.42(06) [June 2004]465-466
Vibrational and normal coordinate analysis of xanthine and hypoxanthineKrishnakumar, V; Arivazhagan, MIJPAP Vol.42(06) [June 2004]411-418
Molecular polarizabilities of some organic solventsMurthy, A Radha Krishna; Rangacharyulu, MIJPAP Vol.42(06) [June 2004]407-410
Studies on fluid structure and molecular interactions of amidesThenappan, T; Sankar, UIJPAP Vol.42(06) [June 2004]435-439
Determination of live-time efficiency of a photonuclear experimentAkkurt, IIJPAP Vol.42(06) [June 2004]387-389
Ac electrical properties of 60B2O3-(40-x) PbO-xMCl2 and 50B2O3-(50-x)PbO-xMCl2 (M=Pb, Cd) glassesSebastian, Shajo; Khadar, M AbdulIJPAP Vol.42(06) [June 2004]445-451
Effect of high gamma background on neutron sensitivity of fission detectorsBalagi, v; Prasad, K R; Kataria, S KIJPAP Vol.42(06) [June 2004]390-397
Proton emission in asymmetric nuclear interactions at 14.5 AGe V: Evidence of strong dynamical fluctuationGhosh, Dipak; Deb, Argha; Sahoo, Swarup Ranjan; Haldar, Prabir Kumar; Patra, Kanchan Kumar; Ghosh, JayitaIJPAP Vol.42(06) [June 2004]403-406
Effect of doping on dynamical properties of diluted magnetic semiconductorsAynyas, Mahendra; Sanyal, Sankar PIJPAP Vol.42(06) [June 2004]440-444
Modification in photoluminescence spectra of porous silicon by changing the surrounding dielectric environmentSehrawat, Kiran; Mehra, R MIJPAP Vol.42(06) [June 2004]419-422