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Organic matter, nutrients and major ions in the sediments of coral reefs and seagrass beds of Gulf of Mannar biosphere reserve, southeast coast of IndiaVinithkurnar, N V; Kumaresan, S; Manjusha, M; Balasubrarnanian, TIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]383-393
The depositional history of late Quaternary sediments around Mangalore, west coast of IndiaManjunatha, B R; Balakrishna, KIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]449-454
Heavy metal distribution in Pondicherry harbour, southeast coast of IndiaSenthilnathan, S; Balasubramanian, TIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]380-382
Seasonal and diurnal variation of hydrobiological characters of coastal water of Chennai (Madras), Bay of BengalSubramanian, B; Mahadevan, AIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]429-433
Vitamin C content of some macroalgae of Visakhapatnam, east coast of IndiaSarojini, Y; Sarma, Nittala SIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]408-412
Speciation of copper in surface waters of the Rushikulya estuary, east coast of IndiaDash, Deepak R; Sahu, B KIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]370-374
A comparative study of atomic absorption spectrophotometry and anodic stripping voltammetry for the determination of trace metals Zn, Cd, Pb and Cu in coastal waters of Visakhapatnam, east coast of IndiaMurty, P V S Prabhakara; Satyanarayana, DIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]365-369
Studies on the bloom-forming species of phytoplankton in the Vellar estuary, southeast coast of IndiaPerumal, P; Sampathkumar, P; Karuppasamy, P KIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]400-403
Alkali and alkaline earth metals in surface sediments off Bhimunipatnam—Amalapuram, central east coast of India (Bay of Bengal)Sarma, Nittala S; Rao, M UmamaheswaraIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]375-379
Distribution of nutrients and major elements in riverine, estuarine and adjoining coastal waters of Godavari, Bay of BengalPadmavathi, D; Satyanarayana, DIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]345-354
Desiccation induced nitrate and ammonium uptake in the red alga Catenella repens (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales)Datta, Ramalakshmi; Datta, B KIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]458-460
Biodegradation of phenol using bacteria from different brackishwater habitatsJoseph, Imelda; Chandrika, VIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]438-442
Radionuclide ratios of cesium and strontium in Tarapur marine environment, west coast of IndiaBaburajan, A; Rao, D D; Chandramouli, S; Iyer, R S; Hegde, A G; Nagarajan, P SIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]455-457
Analysis of the relationship between phytoplankton biomass and the euphotic layer off Kuwait, Arabian GulfRao, D V Subba; Al-Yamani, FaizaIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]416-423
Evaluation of the influence of various physico-chemical parameters on coastal water quality, around Orissa, by factor analysisPanigrahy, P.K.; Das, J.; Das, S.N.; Sahoo, R.K.IJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]360-364
Effect of mining rejects on the nutrient chemistry of Mandovi estuary, GoaSousa, S N deIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]355-359
Seasonal variation in the biochemical constituents of Gracilaria spp. with reference to growthJayasankar, Reeta; Kulandaivelu, GIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]464-466
Culture of marine brown alga Padina boergesenii (Dictyotales, Phaeophyta) at Mandapam coast, southeast coast of IndiaGanesan, M; Rao, P V Subba; Mairh, O PIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]461-463
Tolerance and respiration of a fouling dreissinid bivalve Mytilopsis sallei (Recluz) (Pelecypoda: Dreissinidae) exposed to chromium at different salinitiesDevi, V Uma; Rao, Y PrabhakaraIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]413-415
Physico-chemical and geochemical studies in Pulicat lake, east coast of IndiaPadma, S.; Periakali, P.IJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]434-437
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24