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Bothid larvae (Pleuronectiformes-Pisces) of the Indian OceanDevi, C B LalithambikaIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]198-210
Distribution of zooplankton in relation to water movements in Kakinada bay, east coast of IndiaMohan, P Chandra; Raman, A V; Sreenivas, NIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]192-197
Zooplankton community of Bhayandar and Thane salt pans around BombayMustafa, S.; Nair, Vijayalakshmi R.; Govindan, K.IJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]184-191
Trophic structure and levels of selected metals in the zooplankton community of Thane-Bassein creek, BombayNair, Vijayalakshmi R; Krishnamurti, Asha Jyothi; Gajbhiye, S NIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]173-183
The Tintinnids (Protozoa:Ciliata of the Bahuda estuary, east coast of IndiaMishra, Sujata; Panigrahy, R CIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]219-221
A new species of the genus Sagitta (Phylum Chaetognatha) from the Agatti lagoon (Laccadive Archipelago, Indian Ocean) with comments on endemismCasanova, J.P; Nair, Vijayalakshmi R.IJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]169-172
Organisation of commercially supporting meroplankton in Palk Bay and Gulf of Mannar biosphere reserve areas, southeast coast of IndiaKrishnamoorthy, P; Subramanian, PIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]211-215
Mass occurrence of bathypelagic chaetognath Eukrohnia fowleri from the Arabian Sea and Bay of BengalTerazaki, M.IJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]163-168
Distribution of hydromedusae from the exclusive economic zone of the west and east coasts of IndiaSanthakumari, V; Nair, Vijayalakshmi RIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]150-157
The Arabian Sea: Physical environment, zooplankton and myctophid abundanceNair, K.K.C.; Madhupratap, M.; Gopalakrishnan, T.C; Haridas, P.; Gauns, MangeshIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]138-145
Observations on feeding behaviour and survival rates in the estuarine calanoid copepods Acartia spinicauda and Heliodiaptomus cinctus (Crustacea: Copepoda: Calanoida)Shrivastava, Y; Fernandes, Brenda; Goswami, S C; Goswami, Usha; Achuthankutty, C TIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]222-224
On the paradox of high mesozooplankton biomass, throughout the year in the western Arabian Sea: Re-analysis of IIOE data and comparison with newer dataBaars, Martien AIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]125-137
Commercially important meroplankton production and fishery potential in the Gulf of MannarKrishnamoorthy, P; Arun, S; Subramanian, PIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]216-218
Species composition, abundance and distribution of hydromedusae from Dharamtar estuarine system, adjoining Bombay harbourSanthakumari, V; Tiwari, L R; Nair, Vijayalakshmi RIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]158-162
Free-living copepods of the Arabian Sea: Distributions and research perspectivesMadhupratap, M.IJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]146-149
Phytoplankton-zooplankton inter-relationships in tropical waters—Grazing and gut pigment dynamicsGoes, Joaquim I.; Caeiro, Shakuntala; Gomes, Helga do R.IJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]116-124
Assessment of biodiversity: The impact of biovariabilitySpoel, S.van derIJMS Vol.28(2) [June 1999]109-115
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17