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Breeding biology of the stomatopod Harpiosquilla melanoura (Crustacea: Stomatopoda) occurring in Parangipettai waters, southeast coast of IndiaLyla, P S; Panchatcharam, K; Khan, S AjmalIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]87-88
Effect of salinity, light intensity and nitrogen source on growth and composition of Ulva fasciata Delile (Chlorophyta, Ulvales)Ganesan, M.; Mairh, O.P.; Eswaran, K.; Rao, P.V. SubbaIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]70-73
Concentration of metals in shrimps and crabs from Thane - Bassein creek system, MaharashtraKrishnamurti, Asha Jyothi; Nair, Vijayalakshmi RIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]92-95
Monsoon variability during Late Pleistocene-Holocene in the southeastern Arabian SeaChauhan, Onkar SIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]99-101
Notes on SEM study of cirriped Chthamalus challengeri larvaeKarande, A AIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]81-82
Occurrence of submerged Pleistocene stony corals and marine molluscs at Vazhakala near Cochin and their significance on sea level changesPillai, C S Gopinatha; Appukuttan, K K; Kaladharan, PIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]96-98
Chitin degrading bacteria from the prawn Metapenaeus dobsoni M. and their controlRivonker, C U; Abuvarajan, C R; Sangodkar, U M XIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]77-80
Effect of nitrogen sources on the growth and bioaccumualtion of nitrogen in marine red alga Kappaphycus striatum (Rhodophyta, Solieriaceae) in cultureMairh, O P; Zodape, S T; Tewari, A; Mishra, J PIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]55-59
Acoustic characteristics of polymetallic nodules collected from Central Indian Ocean BasinJain, S.K.; Gupta, Reeta; Bindal, V.N.IJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]106-108
Bulk and partition analysis of heavy metals in sediments of the Bahuda estuary, east coast of IndiaPanda, U C; Sahu, K C; Mahapatra, D M; Das, C RIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]102-105
Gibberellic acid and 2,4-D as growth regulators in laboratory culture of seaweedsJoseph, Imelda; Chennubhotla, V S KIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]66-69
Fatty acid profiles of marine red alga Gracilaria spp (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales)Jayasankar, Reeta; Kulandaivelu, G.IJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]74-76
Petroleum hydrocarbons along the Arabian Gulf coast of United Arab EmiratesShriadah, Mohammed M.A.IJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]10-16
Effect of UV radiation and other environmental factors on the liberation of tetraspores from brown alga Padina boergesenii (Phaeophyta, Dictyotales)Ganesan, M; Mairh, O.P.; Eswaran, K.; Rao, P.V.SubbaIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]50-54
Concentration of metals in fishes from Thane and Bassein creeks of Bombay, IndiaKrishnamurti, Asha Jyothi; Nair, Vijayalakshmi RIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]39-44
Studies on mixing of the waters of different salinity gradients using Richardsons number and the suspended sediment distribution in the Beypore estuary, south west coast of IndiaAnilkumar, N; Sankaranarayanan, V N; Josanto, VIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]29-34
Seasonal growth and reproduction of marine red alga Asparagopsis delilei (Rhodophyta/ Bonnemaisoniales) from the Mandapam region, southeast coast of IndiaVasuki, S.; Ganesan, M.; Rao, P.V.Subba; Mairh, O.P.IJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]60-65
Simple taxonomic key for identifying marine luminous bacteriaAbraham, T. Jawahar; Palaniappan, R; Dhevendaran, KIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]35-38
Down core variation of texture and clay mineralogy in a sediment core (SK-72/1) from Bengal Deep Sea Fan: Implication to climate and provenanceKumar, R Pradeep; Santhosh, S; Thrivikramaji, K P; Anirudhan, SIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]24-28
The intracellular fluid isosmotic regulation in yellow clam Sunetta scripta L. (Mollusca: Bivalvia) acclimated to different salnitiesGeorge, P. J.; Damodaran, R.IJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]83-86
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25